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Duluth's forty-three named streams
Duluth boasts forty-three named streams within the city, plus numerous other unnamed creeks and drainages. Many of these streams are surprisingly quiet and beautiful, even in the middle of downtown.

Duluth's twelve trout streams
Duluth has forty-three named streams in the city and sixteen of these are cold water trout streams. They are Chester, East Branch of Chester, Miller, Amity, East Branch of Amity, Kingsbury, Sargent, Mission, Coffee, Keene, Stewart, Merritt, Knowlton, Buckingham, Tischer, and Lester River. Protecting these high quality cold water streams is one of our top priorities.

Why are the streams part of the stormwater system?
Duluth's streams play an important role in conveying stormwater from the land to the St. Louis River and Lake Superior. They are a natural stormwater system that makes up the community drainage system. City staff works to maintain the streams by clearing brush from inlets and outlets of culverts, removing sediment from storm sewer pipes that lead to the streams, plus working to reduce erosion.

How can you protect them?
Protecting Duluth's stormwater can be easy. Think of your curb and gutter as lakeshore property- remember that whatever is on the street washes down the storm drains and flows straight into our streams, then to the St. Louis River and Lake Superior. Don't blow your leaves and grass clippings into the street. Sweep up road sand in the spring. Pick up pet droppings. Wash your car on the lawn where the soapy water can soak into the ground, not the driveway where the water will flow into the storm sewer. Don't litter- much of that trash ends up in our lakes and streams. Reduce soil erosion- sediments are usually fine grained sands, silts, and clays that can cover up coarser sediments and the spaces between rocks and cobbles that provide habitat for aquatic life and suffocate fish eggs.

Jim Benning
Director of Public Works & Utilities
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