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The Regional Stormwater Protection Team
The Regional Stormwater Protection Team (RSPT) was formed in 2002 by 26 regional communities & agencies who came together to provide mutual support, education and outreach regarding protection of their shared Western Lake Superior watershed. The all volunteer organization has pooled resources and successfully attracted funding from several granting agencies, which has allowed implementation of a multi-year media campaign, 2005 and 2007 Watershed Festivals, representation at regional events, home shows, and development of numerous presentations and publications. Many member organizations have been recognized as leaders in their protection of water resources; receiving regional, state and national recognition.

Festivals and events
Duluth’s stormwater utility hosts booths at the Arrowhead Home and Builders Show, the Watershed Festival, River Quest, River Watch, Lake Superior days, and numerous other small events throughout the year. The stormwater utility also speaks to school and community groups at least once a month to explain the importance of stormwater protection.

Why partnering is important
The City of Duluth’s stormwater utility partners with many organizations, both private groups and governmental agencies. Partnering with others allows us to share resources and save money. By bringing everyone together a consistent message is created to avoid confusion. Having a wide variety of agencies working together also allows us to share expertise in our specialized areas.

Jim Benning
Director of Public Works & Utilities
City Hall, Room 211B
411 West First Street
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 730-5105


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