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Police Department

Contact Information

Duluth Police Dept.
2030 North Arlington Avenue, Duluth, MN 55811

East Duluth Substation
Duluth Transit Center, 228 W. Michigan St, Duluth, MN 55802 Phone: 218-730-5567 Hours: M-F: 7am-3pm 

West Duluth Substation
5830 Grand Ave #2, Duluth, MN 55807 Phone: 218-730-5890 Hours: M-F: 8am-4pm

Email us: **This e-mail address is not monitored 24/7.  Do not use this to report a crime.**

General Number: (218) 730-5400
(Monday thru Friday - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Chief's Office: (218) 730-5020
Police Records Office: (218) 730-5590 or Email at:

Patrol Response: If you would like a patrol car to come to your location, even if it's not an emergency

If you are in St Louis County dial 911
If you are calling from outside St. Louis County 
and need Duluth Police Services contact (218) 625-3581

Parking Tickets: (218) 730-5470

To make a report: All reports must be made through 911 as they keep track of our squads and dispatch them. If it is not an emergency, state that immediately to the 911 operator. This includes parking problems and noise problems. If you are calling from outside St. Louis County and need Duluth Police Services call (218) 625-3581.

Neighborhood problem? Call your neighborhood officer. They are here to help. Click here for a listing of Community Officers.

Violent Crimes Unit (murders, assaults, robberies) (218) 730-5050
DVRT (Domestic violence response team) (218) 730-5260
SCAN Unit (Sex crimes, abuse and neglect) (218) 730-5070
Property and Financial Crimes (218) 730-5160
Special Investigations Unit (drugs and vice crimes) (218) 730-5750
Crime Scene Unit (218) 730-5120
Property and Evidence Unit (218) 730-5130
Purchasing and Billing (218) 730-5424
Development, Training and Recruiting (218) 730-5040
Licensing/Permit (Cha Vang) (218) 730-5421
Animal Shelter (218) 723-3259
Tip Line (218) 730-5690
City Ordinances (City Attorney's Office) (218) 730-5490


Police Chief's Office - Chief Mike Tusken (218) 730-5020
Deputy Police Chiefs (218) 730-5020
Lieutenant for the West Patrol District (218)730-5688
Lieutenant for the East Patrol District (218) 730-5656

City Hall Phone Directory

Duluth Police Department
2030 North Arlington Avenue
Duluth, MN 55811
(218) 730-5400


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Chief of Police - Mike Tusken
Mike Tusken
Chief of Police

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