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DWP Roundhouse Restoration

Project Status: Complete

Project Overview: 
The City of Duluth received funding from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative through the US Forest Service to protect St. Louis River water quality. The restoration will protect water quality in the streams that flow into the St. Louis River by enhancing soils in the DWP roundhouse area, a former industrial site, then restoring native vegetation on the site. Project highlights include:

  • Eliminated Invasive Species: Invasive buckthorn, honeysuckle and tansy was removed from both below and above the DWP railroad  grade over three seasons from 2015-2017. Community Action Duluth removed 26 acres of invasive species from the land below the DWP grade, and through a contract with the City of Duluth, Boreal Natives removed 14.79 acres of invasive species above the DWP grade. A total of 40.79 acres of invasive vegetation was removed from the site, giving native vegetation, as well as newly planted seed, shrubs and trees a better chance at establishment and long-term success.
  • Cleanup of Contaminated Brownfield: Two acres of contaminated lands were capped over two seasons using clean fill from dredge operations in the Duluth Harbor. Following placement of soil, the site was seeded and trees were planted.
  • Planting of Flood Resistant Landscape: Native shrubs and tree plant materials were planted to increase diversity, improve habitat, and add resiliency. Community Action Duluth planted a total of 7,100 trees below the DWP railroad grade from 2015-2017. Boreal Natives seeded and planted the areas filled with soil above the DWP grade after invasive removal.

Project Partners:

Community Action Duluth

Port Authority 


US Forest Service

Jim Shoberg
Senior Parks Planner
City Hall, Ground Floor
411 West First Street
Duluth, MN 55802


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