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National Citizen Survey Results

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The City of Duluth has received results from the annual National Citizen Survey™ (NCS™) conducted by The National Research Center, Inc. (NRC). The purpose of the survey is to gauge public perception across a range of community facets. The City has used results since Duluth’s first survey in 2009 to better City services and address areas for improvement.

The encouraging uptick in NCS™ numbers Duluth has seen over the last several years is maintained in this year’s results, representing a steadying of the newfound sense of optimism in Duluth.

Over the last decade, we as a community have shifted our focus away from a succession of legacy problems and toward Duluth’s natural assets and unbelievable potential, which we’ve now begun to fulfill.  Seventy-five percent of Duluth residents believe Duluth’s overall reputation has improved in the last ten years. 

“This decade of successes is really only the beginning stages of a renaissance in Duluth,” says Mayor Don Ness. “Our sustained sense of confidence in Duluth is the key to turning our recent wave of accomplishments into long-term stability and vibrancy.”

Based on this year’s NCS™ and the compelling story of the recent surge in Duluth development and redevelopment, Duluth received the honor of the Voice of the People Award for Transformation in Built Environment by the NRC. The award is only given to cities that best use the survey responses to help drive community improvement. Duluth residents reported the most notable improvement in satisfaction with built environment compared with all other participating jurisdictions—another indicator of the national significance of Duluth’s story.

The stability of the NCS™ results is also a testament to the quality of the National Research Center’s methodology. Duluth’s survey results haven’t shown huge swings one way or another. Rather, the numbers show a fairly quick but steady increase in some key areas of perception over the last several years of Duluth’s survey that have begun to level out over the last couple years, representing a sustained positive perception.

View the full 2015 Duluth citizen survey here.

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