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Average Weekly Wage
(10 points)

This measures the average pay for each job. Currently the average job in Duluth pays $757 a week compared to the state average of $881.

A rise to 20 points would mean the differential between Duluth and Minnesota is eliminated.

Workforce/Quality Jobs
Percentage of Adults in the Labor Force
(10 points)

A key measure of the availability of good work, and quality support networks for individuals with barriers to employment, is the total percentage of adults in the labor force. This measure is much better than unemployment rates because it also measures the motivations and support for individuals on the border of working. A higher number clearly shows a more prosperous economy for all. Duluth currently lags Minnesota by about 6 percentage points.

Small rises in this number would mean significant progress in both a healthy economy and finding ways to support those with barriers to employment. A rise from 10 to 20 points would mean that Duluth would approximately match the statewide number. This number should not be tied to the Minnesota number because the Minnesota number is expected to decline. Duluth has a much better chance of this number increasing. A rise in 0.5% would result in a 1 point index rise.

Emily Larson
City Hall, Room 403
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Duluth, MN 55802
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