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Income and Poverty

Percentage of Individuals Living Below 200% of the federal poverty level
(20 points)

Using the 200% of the federal poverty level allows a way to count the working poor as well as those in extreme poverty. The federal poverty level, just an income of $10,400 for a single person, and just $21,200 for a family of 4 for 2008, are really a market of extreme poverty. Many researchers use the 200% figure as a way to show the working poor as well as the extreme poor. To that end, the American Community Survey in 2006 started provided that data as part of its regular data series.

Index Movement. The measure is designed to move 1 point for every 1.5% of change. A doubling of this measure from 20 to 40 points would mean that Duluth has found a way to limit poverty to some of the lowest poverty rates in the country. Doable but difficult. [Data note: Until the American Community Survey started providing this data, many agencies would occasionally make estimates that resulted in some fairly dramatic differences for the same location.]

Income and Poverty
Median Household Income
(10 points)

Duluth now trails the state by approximately $15,000 in median household income. Raising this is one of two measures in absolute dollars to measure prosperity.

Index Movement. The measure is designed to move from 10 points to 20 points if the gap between Duluth and Minnesota is eliminated.

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