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Total Education of Duluth Residents
(10 points)

Education at every level brings greater individual and community prosperity. This index uses points assigned by calculated the percentage of residents with each level of education achieved as measured by the American Community Survey.

Percentage of residents with less than a high school diploma x 1
Percentage of residents with a high school diploma or GED x 2
Percentage of residents with some college x 3
Percentage of residents with an associate's degree x 4
Percentage of residents with a bachelor's degree x 5
Percentage of residents with an advanced degree x 6

In reality, the number assigned to college degrees would be higher, but this index would also give points to improvements at all levels of education. A study by the Census bureau of 2005 data showed that those without a high school degree earned an average of less than $20,000 a year compared with $37,990 per year for an associate's degree and $54,689 for a bachelor's degree. The numbers are even more dramatic for advanced degrees, with those with a doctor degree earning a median around $80,000 a year and those with a professional degree, about $100,000. In Northeastern Minnesota during the recession of 2009, those without a college degree were six times more likely to be laid off than those with a bachelor's degree. In addition to the individual benefit, areas with greater numbers of well-educated workers are likely to have greater general prosperity.

Index Movement. For every 10 points the education market changes, the index goes up by 1. Generally, more people in Duluth and across the nation have been getting more education. The number of people in Duluth with a B.A. degree has increased from 22.5% in 1990 to 32.8% in 2008 (Duluth has moderately outpaced the state on this increase since 1990).

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