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2016 Proposed Levy and Budget


2016 Proposed General Fund Budget

Mayor Ness Executive Summary

September 10, 2015


The 2016 Proposed General Fund Budget (the “Budget”) could be largely characterized as a status quo budget compared to 2015’s budget, with two primary exceptions. Increases in expenditures are provided for employee wages under our newly negotiated collective bargaining agreements and maintenance for our streets, trails and parks.

Wages for City employees were held flat or nominally increased over the past five years as the City was struggling with reductions in LGA and an economy slowly coming out of severe recession. In response to these financial difficulties, average wage increases across all bargaining units were held to less than 1% annually over the past five years while City employees continued to provide top quality services to Duluth’s citizens despite working with limitations on staffing levels and continued increases in customer demands for services. This Budget’s wage increases for City employees run slightly above statewide averages for new contracts.

Over the last few years the City has invested in developing and upgrading its trail systems for all users, from hikers to mountain bikers, along with many of its signature and neighborhood parks. Duluth is rapidly becoming known as one of the premier outdoor and trails cities in the country, a designation that is attracting new visitors and generating additional economic development opportunities. The Budget provides for an additional $500 thousand in parks and trails maintenance funds over last year’s levels to help assure users that these parks and trails will remain attractive outdoor recreation assets for years to come.[...]

View the full proposed 2016 Levy and General Fund Budget here. 

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