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Human Resources

Policies & Forms

Welcome to the City of Duluth e-Policy and Procedure Manual (e-PPM). This page is the official site for all City of Duluth Policies and Procedures. There are specific procedures for many of the general policies stated in the e-PPM. If you have questions or concerns about the policies outlined here, you should contact your manager or Human Resources.


The policies stated in this e-PPM are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the City of Duluth. From time to time, management personnel will receive updated information regarding changes in policy. It is their responsibility to make their employees aware of these changes. See "Policy and Procedure Manual Usage" for specifics. Also, please check back often for updates.


The contents of the e-PPM are not intended to create a contract or agreement between the City and its employees. For those employees in a position covered by a collective bargaining agreement, you should refer to the specific agreement which governs your terms and conditions of employment. Those agreements are found here.



  •   Job Action Form (Bargaining Unit Positions)190.1 KB
  •   Job Action Form (Non-Bargaining Unit Positions)179.3 KB
  •   Performance Review Cover Sheet14.8 KB
  •   Performance Review - Employee86 KB
  •   Performance Review - Manager87 KB
  •   Employee-Incident-Report-of-Inappropriate-Behavior-Form.pdf36.4 KB
  •   Seasonal Performance Report/Term Form31.2 KB
  •   Temp and Part-Time Performance Report/Term Form32 KB
  •   PERA Full-Time Student Exclusion60.9 KB
  •   Form I-9 List of Acceptable Documentation39.3 KB
  •   Veterans' Preference Application111.4 KB
  •   Job Audit Request Criteria and Questionnaire149.8 KB
  •  Policy & Procedure Forms

  •   Acknowledgment of Understanding46.2 KB
  •   ADA Qualification Determination Worksheet49.2 KB
  •   Aerial Lift Bridge Release of Liability9.3 KB
  •   Chemical Test Form142.6 KB
  •   Incident/Injury Report Form174.2 KB
  •   MN Workers' Comp Information Sheet7.4 KB
  •   Physicians Report181.3 KB
  •   Report Form for Discrimination, Harassment, or Violence35.9 KB
  •   Travel Procedures3.1 MB
  •   Vacation Donor Form33.9 KB
  •   Vacation Recipient Application Form42.7 KB
  •   Vehicle Travel Data Form43 KB
  •   Worksite Orientation Checklist17.5 KB
  •  Policies & Procedures

  •   2019 Mileage Rate121.8 KB
  •   Accident/Incident Reporting68.4 KB
  •   Aerial Lift Bridge Rides18.7 KB
  •   Americans With Disabilities Act58.6 KB
  •   Animal Bite Policy421.5 KB
  •   AWAIR464.4 KB
  •   Charitable Contributions48.9 KB
  •   City Employee Official Business Parking Permits579.5 KB
  •   City Hall Use Policy476.7 KB
  •   Compressed Gas Safety Policy1.4 MB
  •   Conflict of Interest223.8 KB
  •   Copy Center257.3 KB
  •   Data Access Policy - Security of Not Public Data119.8 KB
  •   Data Practices Policy for Data Subjects102.6 KB
  •   Data Practices Policy for Public156.6 KB
  •   Drug and Alcohol Use75.2 KB
  •   Emergency Conditions - Closure of City Worksites167.7 KB
  •   Employee Conduct127.7 KB
  •   Employee Data Changes56.2 KB
  •   Equal Opportunity / Non-Discrimination / Affirmative Action132.7 KB
  •   Exempt Employees358.1 KB
  •   Exit Procedures124.8 KB
  •   Hearing Conservation Program1.5 MB
  •   Indoor Heat Policy65.1 KB
  •   IT - Technology Usage84.7 KB
  •   Legal Services205.4 KB
  •   Mailing Policy300.4 KB
  •   Media Inquiries96.9 KB
  •   Motor Vehicle Operations99 KB
  •   Notice of Right to Review Personnel File98.8 KB
  •   Orientation58 KB
  •   Overtime, Compensatory Time Off, Training, and Travel Time Policy for Hourly (Non-Exempt) Employees136.8 KB
  •   Paid and Unpaid Leave230.3 KB
  •   PCI Compliance Policy80.2 KB
  •   Personal & City Owned Appliance582.5 KB
  •   Policy and Procedure Manual Usage50.1 KB
  •   Providing References40.6 KB
  •   Records Management811.5 KB
  •   Respiratory Protection Program2.1 MB
  •   Sexual Harassment Prevention131.8 KB
  •   Sick Leave Return to Work43.1 KB
  •   Smoke Free Environment 2012 with Map905.8 KB
  •   Take Home Use of City Vehicles52.1 KB
  •   Towing Procedures305.6 KB
  •   Vacation Donations47.9 KB
  •   Vehicle Idling95.4 KB
  •   Wireless Communications Device Usage387.4 KB
  •   Workplace Violence and Harassment149.7 KB

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