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Fire Department

Fire Prevention, Safety and Preparedness


 Fire and other emergencies can strike at any minute and with no warning. This page is aimed to help you and your family prepare for the possibility of a fire or other emergency, and ways to react in case one occurs. Check out additional resources on our Related Links/Files page under Safety, or check out our Fire Prevention Education page for education opportunities and events! 

Emergency Preparedness 

Emergency preparedness begins at home. When individuals and families are prepared, there's less chance that they will be dependent on scarce community resources when an emergency occurs. Remember to always expect the unexpected. This page will provide you with the tools to prepare your family for an emergency.

Lets Get Started! - Preparation Begins at Home

How an emergency can affect you, greatly depends on how you have prepared in advance of the incident. Basic preparation can be accomplished in three steps: Preparedness Plan, Preparedness Kit, and Family Documentation.

Caring for your Pets

The best way to protect your family from the effects of a disaster is to have a disaster plan. If you are a pet owner, that plan must include your pets. For the best results your plan must include known shelters, pet medical records, and an emergency pet kit. It is important to know that many shelters and transports will not allow pets. Leaving pets behind can be traumatic. Often, leaving pets behind results in their being injured, lost, or worse. The best way to protect your pets is to evacuate them with you. However, this takes planning. Prepare today for when you and your pets may have to leave your home. To learn more check out these websites:



Fire Department
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Fire Marshal: (218) 730-4398


Don’t have smoke detectors or know if the ones you have are working?

Check out our Home Fire Campaign to see if you qualify for free smoke detectors.

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