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Rental Licensing FAQs

Do I have to provide off street parking for my rental property?

Owners are required to provide a minimum of 2 parking spaces for up to a 3-bedroom home. If you have more than 3 bedrooms, you will need on additional parking space for each additional bedroom. Each parking space needs to be a minimum of 9' wide x 17' long.

Required for Rental Licenses:

1 Bedroom...  2 Spaces
2 Bedroom... 2 Spaces
3 Bedroom... 2 Spaces
4 Bedroom... 3 Spaces

A code official will require the construction of additional parking if they determine there is space on the rental property to provide or construct the required off-street parking space(s) in conformance with the Code. If it is determined that adequate parking cannot provided, there is a $100.00 non-conforming parking spot fee for each spot not provided.

What is the process to obtain a rental license?

Once the Life Safety office receives a completed rental license application, along with the required fees, an initial inspection will be scheduled within 7-10 business days. The purpose of this inspection is to identify what, if any, code corrections need to be made. If the inspector identifies code violations during the initial inspection, a reinspection will be done to verify all corrections have been properly made. Upon verification that the property meets minimum housing code requirements, the rental license will be issued.

I forgot to pay my rental license renewal, do I have to pay a penalty?

An expired license (even for one day) is considered an unlicensed rental per code. The license renewal should be applied for well in advance of the actual license expiration to allow time for the routine inspection and re-licensing process to occur.

I just purchased a property that has a rental license. How do I transfer the license into my name?

Complete and submit the Rental License Transfer Application along with the required $25.00 transfer fee to the address on top of the form.

I am living in a rental property and am unsure if it has a rental license, how do I find out?

Click the button below and search Licenses by address or call 218-730-4380.


License Search


I live in, or know of, an unlicensed rental, what do I do?

There are items within my rental property that need to be repaired and my landlord will not fix them, what do I do?

Review and follow the steps within our Complaint Process.

There is mold in my rental, is it something my landlord has to fix?

How do I change my rental property’s owner or manger contact information?

The Change of Contact Information form can be completed and returned by mail, email or electronically submitted.

Solid Waste/Abandoned Vehicles

How do I file a complaint about rubbish or an abandoned vehicle?

Fill out and submit the Blight Complaint Form. You can also call the Life Safety office at 218-730-4380 to report a complaint.

How do I report a possibly dangerous hoarding situation?

Fill out and submit the Blight Complaint Form. You can also call the Life Safety office at 218-730-4380 to report a complaint.

Do residents have to have garbage service?

Yes, per city ordinance, all residents within city limits have to have garbage service.

Fire Prevention

How do I report a possible youth fire setter?

Fill out and submit our Juvenile Firesetter Referral form or call 218-730-4399.

I have a possible arson tip, who do I contact?

Please fill out our online form or call 1-800-723-2020.

How can I request a safety presentation at my school, church, community events, etc?

Please fill out the Education Program Request form or call 218-730-4380.

What do I need to know about recreational fires?

Click here to view our Recreational Fire Regulations

Why does the Fire Department require Operational Permits?

The intent of the operation permit program is to gain compliance with the Minnesota State Fire Code. This code helps ensure a greater level of life safety for the public, owners/occupants, and firefighters.

What should I expect during a fire inspection?

We are looking to provide the least hazardous situation within the confines of existing buildings. The most common checks are ensuring the maintenance of the fire suppression systems, making sure exits are clear and accessible, and confirming the building is being maintained for its intended use.

What happens if I choose not to comply with the Operational Permit program?

Failure to comply with the Minnesota State Fire Code is a misdemeanor, and result in a citation.


How do I request a station tour?

Learn more online or schedule a tour by calling 730-4394.

How do I find the closest station to me?

Enter your address in our Fire Station Locator

My property has been Condemned for Human Habitation, what does it mean and what do I have to do?

  • Once a condemnation order has been issued, the property cannot be occupied. It must be brought into compliance with minimum life-safety housing code before the orders can be lifted. This includes restoring all utilities and having the property inspected to verify compliance with code.
  • The property must be registered as a vacant building after 30 days in a condemned status. A Vacant Building Registration form must be completed and sent in to the address on the top of the form along with the required fee.



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