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Welcome to the City of Duluth’s Engineering Division!

The Engineering Division (Engineering) is part of the Public Works and Utilities Department in the City of Duluth. Engineering is responsible for overseeing design and construction of public projects located in and affecting the public right-of-way, including surface transportation, bridges, driveway and alley access, traffic signals, parking, and utility infrastructure.

Engineering establishes and ensures that design standards and construction specifications are observed. Engineering has a  responsibility to the public at large to create and maintain a consistent and reliable utility and transportation system. This system is planned, designed, and constructed according to the latest design standards and Engineering ensures the infrastructure is constructed to the highest and most current standards.

Additionally, Engineering issues a variety of permits that affect the public infrastructure such as excavation in city right-of-way, driveway aprons, street and sidewalk obstruction, over-sized loads, new culverts, and sewer, water and gas main extensions and connections. Permits related to work performed on private property are administered by the Construction Services Division.

The City of Duluth Public Works & Utilities Department- Engineering Division, is comprised of three sections: city engineering, transportation engineering, and utility engineering. Each section is managed by a chief engineer with a staff of project engineers, engineering specialists, engineering technicians, GIS technicians, information technicians, and/or operational personnel.

City Engineer

The City Engineer plans, develops, and manages the engineering division in the design, construction, inspection, and repair of municipal public assets.  Duties include, but are not limited to, the following: developing the division budget, managing the engineering fleet, acting as liaison with state agencies to allocate state and federal funds, ensuring compliance, supervising office functions, assisting with new software systems, supervising permitting procedures, providing leadership for large projects, responding to petitions and discussing improvements, providing information to city administration, directing the construction bidding process, reviewing project workmanship and directing final acceptance/payment, assisting with problem solving, representing the division at meetings, assisting with policy & procedures, and managing personnel administration.  


The transportation section is responsible for large-scale roadway projects in Duluth.  This section oversees the inspection, construction, and replacement of streets, alleys, bridges, sidewalks, and traffic signals, as well as addresses traffic concerns.  It is the responsibility of the Chief Engineer of Transportation to plan, develop, and manage the transportation engineering division related to city-governed transportation and infrastructure. 


The utilities section is responsible for all major gas, water, sanitary sewer, and storm water projects.  Utilities also manages the design, inspection, installation, and replacement of the utility infrastructure to comply with state and federal regulations.  This section also reviews new utility petitions for main extensions, provides location of underground utility mains, and inspects, replaces, and constructs all sewer, water and gas mains.  It is the responsibility of the Chief Engineer of Utilities to plan, develop, and manage the Utility Engineering division for city-owned utilities.


Staff Directory



Anderson, Shane Senior Engineering Technician  218-730-5096
Bangs, Chauncey Senior Engineering Specialist 218-730-5106
Bergstrom, Bill Senior Engineering Specialist 218-730-5078
Billings, Peggy Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5068
Carlson, Bruce Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5108
Carlson, Todd Programs Coordinator 218-730-4051
Eastman, Shawn Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5069
Erickson, Taryn Project Engineer 218-730-5087
Hegg, Scott Engineering Technician 218-730-5077
Herbert, Angie Information Technician 218-730-5081
Horn, Jeanne Information Technician 218-730-5067
Hunter, Blaine Engineering Technician 218-730-5065
Isackson, Jeff Engineering Technician 218-730-5074
Johnson, Therese Information Technician 218-730-5076
Johnson, Tom Senior Engineer 218-730-5103
Kratochwill, Dave Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5073
LaVine, Nate Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5111
Leeper, Joe Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5099
Loomis, Patrick Project Engineer 218-730-5094
Majchrzak, Kristin Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5086
Maruska, Jon Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5093
MrDutt, Jim Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5088
Olivarez, Andy GIS Technician 218-730-5082
Pedersen, Cari Chief Engineer of Transportation 218-730-5091
Pfeffer, Tom Senior Engineer 218-730-5104
Sanders, Tim Project Engineer 218-730-5066
Schwensohn, Duncan Senior Engineer 218-730-5107
Scott, Brian Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5109
Shaffer, Eric Chief Engineer of Utilities 218-730-5072
Smith, Howard Senior Engineer 218-730-5092
Soderlund, Aaron  Project Engineer 218-730-5083
Strid, Glenn PW&U Analyst 218-730-5116
Thiry, Marty Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5102
Thorstad, Mick GIS Specialist 218-730-5075
Tyykila, Scott Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5079
Voigt, Cindy City Engineer 218-730-5071
Wagner, Mike  Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5084
Webster, Perry Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5079
Wictor, Paul Senior Engineering Technician 218-730-5085












City of Duluth Public Works & Utilities Department, Engineering Division
City Hall, Room 211
411 West First Street
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 730-5200


Staff Directory

Emergency Numbers:

24-hour gas emergency number: (218)730-4100

24-hour general emergency number (use for sanitary sewer, stormwater, streets, and furnace problems): (218)730-4000


City of Duluth, 411 West First Street, Duluth, Minnesota 55802
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