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Duluth Progress


The city of Duluth continues to make major investments in our infrastructure. Since implementing a new Street Improvement Program in 2008, we have been able to fix over 74 miles of city streets. While this is a great start, much work still remains. City staff is committed to exploring new innovative construction techniques to prolong pavement life in the most cost effective way in order to stretch our limited funds. Great strides have also been made with our utility infrastructure. The new elevated water storage tank and pumping station improvements will ensure reliability in the Duluth Heights and Mall area neighborhoods. We have all but eliminated our sanitary sewer overflows into beautiful Lake Superior, thanks to the completion of the sanitary sewer overflow holding tanks. Protecting Lake Superior is our city's most sacred responsibility.

The June 2012 flood has had a huge impact on our community. Although we have made great strides with emergency repairs last fall, much work remains to be completed in 2013 and beyond. We will keep you up to date on the proposed flood repair progress by listing that work on this website. With all the repair work, you may encounter a detour or two. Please be patient and avoid the areas under construction if you can. The adjacent residents and construction workers will appreciate your efforts. will be your one-stop for details and updates for projects in Duluth. Not only will you find information on city, county, and state highway improvements, we will be adding information on other key public and private investments in Duluth as well. Click on the orange pylon for more details.

Going forward, these investments will make Duluth a stronger, more prosperous community.





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