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New Science Fiction - August 2016

These titles were added during July



Science Fiction


Graphic Novels

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Call Number



Fic Abbott, Megan

Abbott, Megan E.

You will know me

Fic Adams, Alice

Adams, Alice.

Invincible summer

Fic Adler, Elizabeth

Adler, Elizabeth

The charmers

Fic Ahrnstedt, Simona

Ahrnstedt, Simona.

All in

Fic Allen, Louise

Allen, Louise

The unexpected marriage of Gabriel Stone. (Lords of disgrace, #4.)

Fic Andersen, Laura

Andersen, Laura.

The virgin's war. (Tudor legacy trilogy, #3.)

Fic Andrews, Mesu

Andrews, Mesu

Miriam: a treasures of the Nile novel

Fic Andrews, V. C.

Andrews, V. C.

Whitefern. (Audrina series, #2.)

Fic Armstrong, Kelley

Armstrong, Kelley.

City of the lost

Fic Atkins, Ace

Atkins, Ace.

The innocents. (Quinn Colson novel, #6.)

Fic Ausubel, Ramona

Ausubel, Ramona.

Sons and daughters of ease and plenty

Fic Banner, Catherine

Banner, Catherine.

The house at the edge of night

Fic Barnes, Julian

Barnes, Julian.

The noise of time

Fic Benjamin, J. M.

Benjamin, J. M.

On the run with love

Fic Black, Anna

Black, Anna

The side effects of you

Fic Blake, Toni

Blake, Toni

Take me all the way. (Coral Cove novel, #3.)

Fic Boone, Ezekiel

Boone, Ezekiel.

The hatching. (Hatching series, #1.)

Fic Boucher, Christopher

Boucher, Christopher.

Golden delicious

Fic Brick


Hood misfits, volume 2

Fic Brown, Eleanor

Brown, Eleanor

The light of Paris

Fic Brown, John

Brown, John Gregory.

A thousand miles from nowhere

Fic Brunstetter, Wanda

Brunstetter, Wanda E

The missing will. (Amish millionaire, part 4.)

Fic Buehlman, Christopher

Buehlman, Christopher.

The suicide motor club

Fic Burdick, Serena

Burdick, Serena.

Girl in the afternoon of Paris

Fic Bush, Nancy

Bush, Nancy

The killing game

Fic Callaway, Joy

Callaway, Joy

The Fifth Avenue Artists Society

Fic Campbell, Rick

Campbell, Rick

Ice Station Nautilus

Fic Campbell, Sasha

Campbell, Sasha.


Fic Carbo, Christine

Carbo, Christine.

Mortal fall of suspense

Fic Castillo, Linda

Castillo, Linda.

Among the wicked. (Kate Burkholder novel, #8.)

Fic Cleave, Chris

Cleave, Chris.

Everyone brave is forgiven

Fic Cline, Emma

Cline, Emma.

The girls

Fic Close, Jennifer

Close, Jennifer.

The hopefuls

Fic Coes, Ben

Coes, Ben.

First strike

Fic Coffey, Billy

Coffey, Billy.

There will be stars

Fic Cooper, J. S.

Cooper, J. S.

Disillusioned. (Swept away series, #2.)

Fic Cornell, Paul

Cornell, Paul.

Who killed Sherlock Holmes? (Shadow police, #3.)

Fic Cossette, Connilyn

Cossette, Connilyn.

Counted with the stars. (Out from Egypt, #1.)

Fic Cote, Lyn

Cote, Lyn.

Faith. (Quaker brides, #3.)

Fic Danler, Stephanie

Danler, Stephanie.


Fic Dare, Tessa

Dare, Tessa.

Lord Dashwood missed out: a Spindle Cove novella

Fic De Waal, Kit

De Waal, Kit.

My name is Leon

Fic DeLillo, Don

DeLillo, Don.

Zero K

Fic Dennis-Benn, Nicole

Dennis-Benn, Nicole.

Here comes the sun

Fic Eicher, Jerry

Eicher, Jerry S.

A heart once broken. (St. Lawrence County Amish, #1.)

Fic Ellis, Mary

Ellis, Mary

What happened on Beale Street. (Secrets of the South mysteries, #2.)

Fic Ellison, J. T.

Ellison, J. T.

Field of graves

Fic Ephron, Delia

Ephron, Delia.


Fic Erdrich, Louise

Erdrich, Louise.


Fic Ervin, Keisha

Ervin, Keisha.

Mina's joint

Fic Evanovich, Janet

Evanovich, Janet.

The pursuit. (Fox and O'Hare novel, #5.)

Fic Fellowes, Julian

Fellowes, Julian.


Fic Finder, Joseph

Finder, Joseph.

Guilty minds

Fic Flanery, Patrick

Flanery, Patrick

I am no one

Fic Fuller, Kathleen

Fuller, Kathleen.

An unbroken heart. (Amish of Birch Creek novel, book 2.)

Fic Geye, Peter

Geye, Peter.


Fic Gilstrap, John

Gilstrap, John.

Friendly fire: a Jonathan Grave thriller

Fic Gordon, Alex

Gordon, Alex


Fic Graham, Heather

Graham, Heather.

Strangers in paradise

Fic Green, Jane

Green, Jane


Fic Greene, Thomas

Greene, Thomas Christopher

If I forget you

Fic Gyasi, Yaa

Gyasi, Yaa.


Fic Hamilton, Steve

Hamilton, Steve

The second life of Nick Mason

Fic Harbison, Elizabeth

Harbison, Elizabeth M.

One less problem without you

Fic Harte, Marie

Harte, Marie.

Test drive. (Body shop bad boys, #1.)

Fic Harvey, Michael

Harvey, Michael T.


Fic Haslett, Adam

Haslett, Adam.

Imagine me gone

Fic Hunter, Madeline

Hunter, Madeline.

The wicked duke. (Wicked trilogy, #3.)

Fic Install, Deborah

Install, Deborah.

A robot in the garden

Fic Isaac, Kara

Isaac, Kara.

Close to you

Fic Johansen, Iris

Johansen, Iris.

Night and day

Fic Jones, Darynda

Jones, Darynda.

The curse of tenth grave

Fic Karlsson, Jonas

Karlsson, Jonas

The invoice

Fic Keene, Brian

Keene, Brian.


Fic Kelly, Martha

Kelly, Martha Hall.

Lilac girls: a novel

Fic Kimmel, Kathleen

Kimmel, Kathleen.

A gentleman's guide to scandal. (Birch Hall romance, #2.)

Fic King, Stephen

King, Stephen

End of watch. (Bill Hodges trilogy, #3.)

Fic Kope, Spencer

Kope, Spencer.

Collecting the dead

Fic Kuhn, Shane

Kuhn, Shane.

The asset

Fic Kunstler, James

Kunstler, James Howard.

The harrows of spring: a World made by hand novel

Fic Ladd, Sarah

Ladd, Sarah E.

Dawn at Emberwilde. (Treasures of Surrey novel, #2.)

Fic Lafaye, Vanessa

Lafaye, Vanessa.

Under a dark summer sky

Fic Lancaster, Jen

Lancaster, Jen

By the numbers

Fic Lansdale, Joe

Lansdale, Joe R.

Honky tonk samurai

Fic Laurens, Stephanie

Laurens, Stephanie.

The daredevil snared. (Adventurers quartet, #3.)

Fic Laurenston, Shelly

Laurenston, Shelly.

The undoing. (Call of the crows, #2.)

Fic Lawrenson, Deborah

Lawrenson, Deborah.

300 days of sun

Fic Lawson, Michael

Lawson, Michael

House revenge. (Joe DeMarco series, #11.)

Fic Lemmon, Jessica

Lemmon, Jessica.

The billionaire bachelor. (Billionaire bad boys, #1.)

Fic Lewis, Beth

Lewis, Beth

The wolf road

Fic Lindsey, Johanna

Lindsey, Johanna.

Make me love you

Fic Long, Julie-Anne

Long, Julie-Anne.

Hot in Hellcat Canyon. (Hellcat Canyon series, #1.)

Fic Love, Alison

Love, Alison.

The girl from the Paradise Ballroom

Fic Maberry, Jonathan

Maberry, Jonathan.

Kill switch. (Joe Ledger series, #8.)

Fic Mabry, Richard

Mabry, Richard L.

Medical judgment

Fic MacDonald, Siobhan

MacDonald, Siobhan.

Twisted river

Fic Macomber, Debbie

Macomber, Debbie.

Adam's image

Fic Macomber, Debbie

Macomber, Debbie.

Denim and diamonds

Fic Mallery, Susan

Mallery, Susan.

Daughters of the bride

Fic Maxwell, Cathy

Maxwell, Cathy.

The fairest of them all. (Marrying the duke, #2.)

Fic McCall Smith, Alexander

McCall Smith, Alexander

Chance developments

Fic McFadden, Bernice

McFadden, Bernice L

The book of Harlan

Fic McMillan, Terry

McMillan, Terry.

I almost forgot about you

Fic Miller, Linda

Miller, Linda Lael.

The McKettrick way. (McKettrick women, book 2.)

Fic Mitchell, Siri

Mitchell, Siri L.

Flirtation walk

Fic Moggach, Deborah

Moggach, Deborah.

Something to hide

Fic Moore, Liz

Moore, Liz

The unseen world

Fic Morgan, C. E.

Morgan, C. E.

The sport of kings

Fic Moriarty, Liane

Moriarty, Liane.

Truly madly guilty

Fic Murphy, Monica

Murphy, Monica

Never let you go. (Never series, #2.)

Fic Nappa, Mike

Nappa, Mike

Annabel Lee. (Coffey & Hill novel, #1.)

Fic Neggers, Carla

Neggers, Carla.

Cold Ridge

Fic Newport, Olivia

Newport, Olivia.

Hope in the land. (Amish turns of time, book 4.)

Fic Noyes, Anna

Noyes, Anna.

Goodnight, beautiful women: stories

Fic O'Farrell, Maggie

O'Farrell, Maggie

This must be the place

Fic Oliva, Alexandra

Oliva, Alexandra.

The last one

Fic Overton, Hollie

Overton, Hollie.

Baby doll

Fic Palmer, Diana

Palmer, Diana.


Fic Patterson, James

Patterson, James

15th affair

Fic Pearson, Ridley

Pearson, Ridley.

White bone. (Risk Agent novel, #4.)

Fic Perez-Reverte, Arturo

Perez-Reverte, Arturo.

What we become

Fic Pittard, Hannah

Pittard, Hannah.

Listen to me

Fic Pollock, Donald

Pollock, Donald Ray

The heavenly table

Fic Potzsch, Oliver

Potzsch, Oliver.

The castle of kings

Fic Proulx, Annie

Proulx, Annie.


Fic Putney, Mary

Putney, Mary Jo.

Once a soldier. (Rogues redeemed, #1.)

Fic Randel, Weina

Randel, Weina Dai.

The empress of bright moon of Empress Wu

Fic Randel, Weina

Randel, Weina Dai.

The moon in the palace

Fic Rathbone, Emma

Rathbone, Emma.

Losing it

Fic Raymond, Midge

Raymond, Midge.

My last continent

Fic Rhein, Walter

Rhein, Walter.

Reckless traveler: tales from a decade abroad

Fic Richardson, Kim

Richardson, Kim Michele.

GodPretty in the tobacco field

Fic Ridgway, Christie

Ridgway, Christie.

Can't fight this feeling. (Cabin fever novel, #3.)

Fic Roberts, Nora

Roberts, Nora.

Chasing passion. (Stanislaski family saga, books 3 & 4.)

Fic Rodale, Maya

Rodale, Maya.

Chasing Lady Amelia. (Keeping up with the Cavendishes, #2.)

Fic Rosen, Jane

Rosen, Jane L.

Nine women, one dress

Fic Rosoff, Meg

Rosoff, Meg.

Jonathan unleashed

Fic Ruchti, Cynthia

Ruchti, Cynthia.

Song of silence

Fic Russo, Richard

Russo, Richard

Everybody's fool

Fic Sahota, Sunjeev

Sahota, Sunjeev

The year of the runaways

Fic Sandford, John

Sandford, John

Extreme prey

Fic Schmitt, Gerry

Schmitt, Gerry.

Little girl gone

Fic Scott, Bronwyn

Scott, Bronwyn

Unbuttoning the innocent miss. (Wallflowers to wives, #1.)

Fic Silva, Daniel

Silva, Daniel

The black widow

Fic Steel, Danielle

Steel, Danielle.


Fic Stevens, Stuart

Stevens, Stuart.

The innocent have nothing to fear

Fic Stewart, Mariah

Stewart, Mariah.

Driftwood Point. (Chesapeake diaries, #10.)

Fic Straub, Emma

Straub, Emma.

Modern lovers

Fic Sutton, Jenna

Sutton, Jenna.

Hanging by a thread. (Riley O'Brien & Co. novel, #3.)

Fic Sweeney, Cynthia

Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix.

The nest

Fic Swinson, Kiki

Swinson, Kiki.

Cheaper to keep her 2

Fic Sykes, V. K.

Sykes, V. K.

Meet me at the beach. (Seashell Bay novel, #1.)

Fic Tagg, Melissa

Tagg, Melissa.

Like never before

Fic Tata, A. J.

Tata, A. J.

Three minutes to midnight

Fic Taylor, David

Taylor, David C.

Night work

Fic Thoene, Bodie

Thoene, Bodie

Behold the man. (Jerusalem chronicles, book 3.)

Fic Thompson, Janice

Thompson, Janice A.

Every bride has her day. (Brides with style, book 3.)

Fic Thorland, Donna

Thorland, Donna.

The Dutch girl. (Renegades of the American revolution, #4.)

Fic Thynne, Jane

Thynne, Jane.

The pursuit of pearls

Fic Tussing, Justin

Tussing, Justin.

Vexation lullaby

Fic Tyler, Paige

Tyler, Paige.

To love a wolf. (SWAT: special wolf alpha team, #4.)

Fic Wade, Becky

Wade, Becky.

Her one and only

Fic Wagamese, Richard

Wagamese, Richard.

Dream wheels

Fic Walker, Wendy

Walker, Wendy

All is not forgotten

Fic Ward, J. R.

Ward, J. R.

The angels' share. (Bourbon kings novel, #2.)

Fic Ware, Ruth

Ware, Ruth.

The woman in cabin 10

Fic Washburn, Tim

Washburn, Tim.


Fic Watson, Brad

Watson, Brad

Miss Jane

Fic Weisberger, Lauren

Weisberger, Lauren

The singles game

Fic Whitaker, Tu-Shonda

Whitaker, Tu-Shonda L.

Flip side of the game

Fic White, Roseanna

White, Roseanna M.

The reluctant duchess. (Ladies of the manor, #2.)

Fic Williams, Beatriz

Williams, Beatriz.

A certain age

Fic Williams, Joy

Williams, Joy

Ninety-nine stories of God

Fic Wilson, F. Paul

Wilson, F. Paul


Fic Winters, Ben

Winters, Ben H.

Underground airlines

Fic Woods, Sherryl

Woods, Sherryl.

Isn't it rich? (Perfect destinies, #1.)




Call Number



Fic M Berenson, Laurien

Berenson, Laurien.

Live and let growl

Fic M Booth, Claire

Booth, Claire.

The Branson Beauty. (Sheriff Hank Worth mysteries, #1.)

Fic M Buzzelli, Elizabeth

Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane

A most curious murder. (Little library mystery, #1.)

Fic M Dunnett, Kaitlyn

Dunnett, Kaitlyn.

Kilt at the Highland games

Fic M Eckel, Wendy

Eckel, Wendy Sand.

Death at the Day Lily Cafe

Fic M Fairstein, Linda

Fairstein, Linda A.

Killer look

Fic M Hinton, Lynne

Hinton, Lynne.

Sister Eve and the blue nun. (Divine Private Detective Agency mystery, #3.)

Fic M Housewright, David

Housewright, David

Stealing the countess

Fic M Hyde, Katherine

Hyde, Katherine Bolger.

Arsenic with Austen. (Crime with the classics mystery, #1.)

Fic M Kuhns, Eleanor

Kuhns, Eleanor.

The devil's cold dish. (Will Rees mysteries, #5.)

Fic M Levine, Laura

Levine, Laura

Murder has nine lives: a Jaine Austen mystery

Fic M Lovesey, Peter

Lovesey, Peter.

Another one goes tonight: a Peter Diamond investigation

Fic M McCafferty, Keith

McCafferty, Keith.

Buffalo jump blues. (Sean Stranahan mystery, #5.)

Fic M Morfoot, Peter

Morfoot, Peter.

Impure blood. (Captain Darac mystery, #1.)

Fic M Murder


Murder at the manor: country house mysteries

Fic M Myers, Tamar

Myers, Tamar.

Tea with jam and dread

Fic M Salvalaggio, Karin

Salvalaggio, Karin.

Walleye Junction. (Macy Greeley mysteries, #3.)

Fic M Sanders, J. Aaron

Sanders, J. Aaron.

Speakers of the dead: a Walt Whitman mystery

Fic M Schepp, Emelie

Schepp, Emelie.

Marked for life

Fic M Scott, Gavin

Scott, Gavin

The age of treachery (Duncan Forrester mystery, #1.)

Fic M Tremayne, Peter

Tremayne, Peter.

The second death

Fic M Yocum, Robin

Yocum, Robin.

A brilliant death


Science Fiction


Call Number



Fic SF Sniegoski, Tom

Sniegoski, Tom.

The demonists. (Demonist series, #1.)

Fic SF Bennett, Christopher

Bennett, Christopher L.

Live by the code. (Rise of the Federation, #4.)

Fic SF Burgis, Stephanie

Burgis, Stephanie.

Masks and shadows

Fic SF Carriger, Gail

Carriger, Gail.

Imprudence. (Custard protocol, book 2.)

Fic SF Chen, Curtis

Chen, Curtis C.

Waypoint Kangaroo

Fic SF Crouch, Blake

Crouch, Blake.

Dark matter: a novel

Fic SF Freed, Alexander

Freed, Alexander.

Battlefront: Twilight Company

Fic SF Green, Simon

Green, Simon R.

Dr. DOA. (Secret histories novel, #10.)

Fic SF Hendee, Barb

Hendee, Barb.

To kill a kettle witch. (Mist-torn witches series, #4.)

Fic SF Koch, Gini

Koch, Gini.

Camp alien. (Alien series, #13.)

Fic SF Lackey, Mercedes

Lackey, Mercedes.

A study in sable. (Elemental masters, book 11.)

Fic SF Lang, Jeffrey

Lang, Jeffrey.

Force and motion. (Star trek: deep space nine.)

Fic SF Levine, David

Levine, David D.

Arabella of Mars. (Adventures of Arabella Ashby, book 1.)

Fic SF Novik, Naomi

Novik, Naomi.

League of dragons. (Temeraire series, book 9.)

Fic SF Power, Stephen

Power, Stephen S.

The dragon round

Fic SF Shearin, Lisa

Shearin, Lisa.

The dragon conspiracy. (SPI files novel, #2.)

Fic SF Skovron, Jon

Skovron, Jon.

Hope and Red. (Empire of storms, book 1.)

Fic SF Stross, Charles

Stross, Charles.

The nightmare stacks. (Laundry files, #7.)

Fic SF Sullivan, Michael

Sullivan, Michael J.

Age of myth. (Legends of the First Empire, book 1.)

Fic SF Swallow, James

Swallow, James.

The latter fire. (Star trek novel.)

Fic SF Ward, Dayton

Ward, Dayton.

Elusive salvation. (Star trek novel.)

Fic SF Wendig, Chuck

Wendig, Chuck.

Aftermath: life debt. (Aftermath trilogy, book 2.)

Fic SF Williamson, Jill

Williamson, Jill.

King's folly. (Kinsman chronicles, book 1.)




Call Number



Fic W Joyner, C. Courtney

Joyner, C. Courtney, 1959-

Shotgun: the bleeding ground


Graphic Novels


Call Number



Fic Graphic Earth 2 6


Earth 2 , vol. 6: collision

Fic Graphic Aaron, Jason 3

Aaron, Jason.

Southern Bastards, vol. 3: homecoming.

Fic Graphic Allison, John 2

Allison, John

Giant days, vol. 2

Fic Graphic Bob's Burgers


Bob's Burgers

Fic Graphic Bob's Burgers


Bob's burgers: medium rare

Fic Graphic Bob's Burgers


Bob's Burgers: pan fried

Fic Graphic Bob's Burgers


Bob's burgers: well done

Fic Graphic Brown, Chester

Brown, Chester

Mary wept over the feet of Jesus: prostitution and religious obedience in the Bible

Fic Graphic Fraction, Matt 3

Fraction, Matt.

Sex criminals, vol. 3: three the hard way

Fic Graphic Green Arrow 8


Green Arrow, vol. 8: the night birds

Fic Graphic Hanawalkt, Lisa

Hanawalt, Lisa.

Hot Dog Taste Test

Fic Graphic Hanselmann, Simon

Hanselmann, Simon.

Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam: and other stories

Fic Graphic Harley Quinn 3


Harley Quinn, vol. 3: kiss kiss bang stab

Fic Graphic Hawke, Ethan

Hawke, Ethan

Indeh: a story of the apache wars

Fic Graphic Hawkeye 6


Hawkeye, vol. 6: hawkeyes

Fic Graphic Hellcat!


Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!, vol. 1. hooked on a feline

Fic Graphic Houser, Jody 1

Houser, Jody.

Faith, vol. 1: hollywood and vine

Fic Graphic Injustice 1


Injustice, gods among us: year four, vol. 1

Fic Graphic Injustice 2


Injustice, gods among us: year three, vol. 2

Fic Graphic Justice League


Justice League, Darkseid war: power of the gods

Fic Graphic Kirkman, Robert 3

Kirkman, Robert.

Outcast, vol. 3: this little light

Fic Graphic Liu, Marjorie 1

Liu, Marjorie M.

Monstress, volume 1: Awakening

Fic Graphic Maekawa, Tomohiro 3

Maekawa, Tomohiro.

Livingstone, vol. 3

Fic Graphic Morrison, Grant

Morrison, Grant


Fic Graphic ONE 7


One-Punch Man, vol. 7

Fic Graphic Robin 1


We are Robin, vol. 1, the vigilante business

Fic Graphic Shouoto, Aya 7

Shouoto, Aya

He's my only vampire, vol. 7

Fic Graphic Star Trek


Star Trek / Green Lantern: the spectrum war.

Fic Graphic Star-Lord 3


Legendary Star-Lord, vol. 3: first flight

Fic Graphic Vaughan, Brian 6

Vaughan, Brian K.

Saga, vol. 6

Fic Graphic Venom 1


Venom: space knight, vol. 1: agent if the cosmos

Fic Graphic Vision 1


The Vision, vol.1: little worse than a man

Fic Graphic Wood, Brian 1

Wood, Brian

Rebels, vol. 1: a well-regulated militia

Fic Graphic Wood, Brian 1

Wood, Brian

Starve, vol. 1

Fic Graphic Yamazaki, Kore 5

Yamazaki, Kore

The ancient magus' bride, vol. 5

Fic Graphic Yuki, Kaori 4

Yuki, Kaori

Alice in Murderland, vol. 4


Large Print


Call Number




Andrews, Mary Kay

The weekenders


Balogh, Mary.

Only beloved. (Survivors' club, #7.)


Blackwood, Grant.

Duty and honor


Bostwick, Marie.

From here to home


Brundage, Elizabeth.

All things cease to appear


Case, Alison A.

Nelly Dean: a return to Wuthering Heights


Chase, Eve.

Black Rabbit Hall


Clark, Mary Higgins.

As time goes by


Cline, Emma.

The girls


Cross, Mason.

The killing season


Cussler, Clive.

The Emperor's revenge. (Oregon files, book 11.)


Drexler, Jan.

Hannah's choice. (Journey to Pleasant Prairie, #1.)


Erdrich, Louise.



Evanovich, Janet.

The pursuit. (Fox and O'Hare novel, #5.)


Furst, Alan.

A hero of France: a novel


Hay, Ashley.

The railwayman's wife


Hilderbrand, Elin.

Here's to us


Johansen, Iris.

Hide away


King, Stephen

End of watch. (Bill Hodges trilogy, #3.)


Kubica, Mary.

Don't you cry


Les Becquets, Diane.

Breaking wild


Martini, Steve

Blood flag: a Paul Madriani novel


Meltzer, Brad.

The house of secrets


Mosse, Kate

The taxidermist's daughter


Patrick, Phaedra.

The curious charms of Arthur Pepper


Patterson, James

15th affair


Patterson, James

The games. (Private novels, #11.)


Perry, Thomas

Forty thieves


Peterson, Tracie.

Treasures of the north. (Yukon quest, book 1.)


Punke, Michael.

The revenant: a novel of revenge


Quick, Amanda.

'Til death do us part


Rosen, Renee.

White collar girl


Rowley, Steven

Lily and the octopus


Sandford, John

Extreme prey


Scottoline, Lisa.

Most wanted


Silva, Daniel, 1960-

The black widow


St. James, Simone.

Lost among the living


Steel, Danielle.



Steel, Danielle.

Property of a noblewoman


Steel, Danielle.

The apartment


Thor, Brad.

Foreign agent


White, Karen

Flight patterns


Woods, Stuart.

Dishonorable intentions

Fic M

Atkins, Ace.

Robert B. Parker's slow burn

Fic M

Barr, Nevada.

Boar Island

Fic M

Bowen, Rhys.

Time of fog and fire

Fic M

Brown, Rita Mae.

Tall tail: a Mrs. Murphy mystery

Fic M

Fletcher, Jessica.

Murder, she wrote: Prescription for murder: a Murder she wrote mystery

Fic M

Fletcher, Jessica.

Murder, she wrote: The ghost and Mrs. Fletcher: a Murder she wrote mystery

Fic M

Haddock, Nancy.

Basket case. (Silver six crafting mystery, #1.)

Fic M

Kerr, Philip.

The other side of silence: a Bernie Gunther novel

Fic M

McMillan, Rachel

The bachelor girl's guide to murder. (Herringford and Watts mysteries, book 1.)

Fic M

Oust, Gail

Cinnamon toasted. (Spice shop mystery, #3.)

Fic W

Cotton, Ralph W.

Payback at Big Silver. (Big iron series.)

Fic W

Dennison, Brad

One man's shadow

Fic W

Johnstone, William W.

Manslaughter. (Shawn O'Brien series, #2.)

Fic W

Johnstone, William W.

This violent land


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