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New Audiobooks - August 2016

These titles were added during July


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Call Number



158 Os11 Book on Disc


O's little guide to finding your true purpose

158.1 D858g Book on Disc

Duckworth, Angela.

Grit the power of passion and perseverance

158.1 Si55b Book on Disc

Simon, Tami.

Being true [what matters most in work, life & love]

158.1 St81w Book on Disc

Strahan, Michael

Wake up happy the dream big, win big guide to transforming your life

242.2 M575c Book on Disc

Meyer, Joyce

Closer to God each day [365 devotions for everyday living]

248.4 M575o Book on Disc

Meyer, Joyce

Overload how to unplug, unwind, and unleash yourself from the pressure of stress

248.4 M575pw Book on Disc

Meyer, Joyce

Power words what you say can change your life

248.86 N352i Book on Disc

Nepo, Mark.

Inside the miracle [enduring suffering, approaching wholeness]

269.2 R472b Book on Disc

Ring, David

The boy born dead a story of friendship, courage, and triumph

302.2 T847r Book on Disc

Turkle, Sherry.

Reclaiming conversation [the power of talk in a digital age]

302.3 J954t Book on Disc

Junger, Sebastian.

Tribe [on homecoming and belonging]

307.12 M766h Book on Disc

Montgomery, Charles

Happy city [transforming our lives through urban design]

320.973 T772c Book on Disc

Trump, Donald

Crippled America how to make America great again

324.973 C767 Book on Disc


Contenders America's most original presidential candidates

327.12 H324p Book on Disc

Hayden, Michael V.

Playing to the edge American intelligence in the age of terror

347.7312 F315s Book on Disc

Fenton, Reuven.

Stolen years stories of the wrongfully imprisoned

355.07 R53g Book on Disc

Roach, Mary.

Grunt [the curious science of humans at war]

364.154 D878f Book on Disc

Dugard, Jaycee Lee


551.21 Ol841e Book on Disc

Olson, Steve

Eruption the untold story of Mount St. Helens

610.73 I11 Book on Disc


I wasn't strong like this when I started out [true stories of becoming a nurse]

616.042 M896g Book on Disc

Mukherjee, Siddhartha.

The gene an intimate history

640 J331j Sound Media Player

Jay, Francine.

The joy of less a minimalist living guide: how to declutter, organize and simplify your life

641.3 B628s Book on Disc

Blount, Roy, Jr.

Save room for pie [food songs and chewy ruminations]

782.812 M672h Book on Disc

Miranda, Lin-Manuel

Hamilton the revolution: [being the complete libretto of the broadway musical with a true account of its creation, and concise remarks on hip-hop, the power of stories, and the new America]

791.4472 P884pgj Book on Disc


A Prairie Home Companion pretty good jokes live!

796.323 F327le Book on Disc

Feinstein, John.

The legends club [Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Valvano, and an epic college basketball rivalry]

814.54 F869h Book on Disc

Frazier, Ian.

Hogs wild

822.33 R72s Book on Disc

Shapiro, James

The year of Lear Shakespeare in 1606

909 F854s Book on Disc

Frankopan, Peter.

The Silk Roads [a new history of the world]

909.83 K697b Book on Disc

Klosterman, Chuck

But what if we're wrong? thinking about the present as if it were the past

916.2 W85w Book on Disc

Wood, Levison

Walking the Nile

919.4 W738i Book on Disc

Winton, Tim

Island home: a landscape memoir

921 An758AAb Book on Disc

Anner, Zach

If at birth you don't succeed [my adventures with disaster and destiny]

921 G8696AAm Book on Disc

Grey, Joel

Master of ceremonies [a memoir]

921 P237ke Book on Disc

Keys, Sheila McCauley.

Our Auntie Rosa [the family of Rosa Parks remembers her life and lessons]

921 P266AAl Book on Disc

Passarlay, Gulwali.

The lightless sky a twelve-year-old refugee's harrowing escape from Afghanistan and his extraordinary journey across half the world

921 R257b Book on Disc

Burton, Arthur T.

Black gun, silver star [the life and legend of frontier marshal Bass Reeves]

921 R2689AAo Book on Disc

Rehm, Diane.

On my own

921 R334AAm Book on Disc

Reynolds, Debbie

Make 'em laugh [short-term memories of longtime friends]

921 R6772bri Book on Disc

Brinkley, Douglas.

Rightful heritage [Franklin D. Roosevelt and the land of America]

921 Sp117AAd Book on Disc

Spade, David.

David Spade is almost interesting the memoir

921 W6919AAb Book on Disc

Wilson, Rainn

The bassoon king

921 Z92w Book on Disc

Weidermann, Volker

Ostend [Stefan Zweig, Joseph Roth, and the summer before the dark]

942.05 G623h Book on Disc

Goodman, Ruth

How to be a Tudor [a dawn-to-dusk guide to Tudor life]

949.5 An43f Book on Disc

Angelos, James.

The full catastrophe travels among the new Greek ruins

973.099 C197d Book on Disc

Carlson, Brady.

Dead presidents [an American adventure into the strange deaths and surprising afterlives of our nation's leaders]

973.3 F532b Book on Disc

Fisher, David

Bill O'Reilly's Legends & lies the patriots

973.3 P534v Book on Disc

Philbrick, Nathaniel.

Valiant ambition George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the fate of the American Revolution

973.775 T575h Book on Disc

Toler, Pamela D.

Heroines of Mercy Street the real nurses of the Civil War

BOD-3280 Book on Disc

Hawley, Noah.

Before the fall

BOD-3281 Book on Disc

Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix.

The nest

BOD-3282 Book on Disc

Hilderbrand, Elin.

Here's to us

BOD-3283 Book on Disc

Coben, Harlan

Fool me once

BOD-3284 Book on Disc

DeLillo, Don.

Zero K

BOD-3285 Book on Disc

Roberts, Nora.

The obsession

BOD-3286 Book on Disc

Cline, Emma.

The girls

BOD-3287 Book on Disc

Erdrich, Louise.


BOD-3288 Book on Disc

Simonson, Helen.

The summer before the war

BOD-3289 Book on Disc

Gyasi, Yaa.


BOD-3290 Juv Book on Disc

DiCamillo, Kate.

Raymie nightingale

BOD-3291 Book on Disc

King, Stephen

End of watch. (Bill Hodges trilogy, #3.)

BOD-3292 Book on Disc

Ile, Jowhor

And after many days

BOD-3293 Book on Disc

Quindlen, Anna.

Miller's Valley

BOD-3294 Book on Disc

Roberts, Nora.

Bay of sighs. (Guardians trilogy, book 2.)

BOD-3295 Book on Disc

Clark, Mary Higgins.

As time goes by

BOD-3296 Book on Disc

Proulx, Annie.

Barkskins a novel

BOD-3297 Book on Disc

Berry, Steve

The 14th colony

BOD-3298 Book on Disc

Smith, Dominic

The last painting of Sara De Vos

BOD-3299 Book on Disc

Furst, Alan.

A hero of France

BOD-3300 Book on Disc

Steel, Danielle.

The apartment

BOD-3301 Book on Disc

O'Brien, Edna.

The little red chairs

BOD-3303 Book on Disc

Hamilton, Steve

The second life of Nick Mason

BOD-3304 Book on Disc

Lippman, Laura

Wilde Lake [a novel]

BOD-3305 Book on Disc

Cussler, Clive.

The gangster. (Isaac Bell novels, #9.)

BOD-3306 SF Book on Disc

Tompkins, Mark.

The last days of magic

BOD-3307 W Book on Disc

L'Amour, Louis

The high graders

BOD-3308 Book on Disc

Sittenfeld, Curtis.

Eligible a novel

BOD-3309 W Book on Disc

L'Amour, Louis

Dark canyon

BOD-3310 Book on Disc

Woods, Stuart.

Dishonorable intentions

BOD-3311 Book on Disc

White, Randy Wayne.

Deep blue. (Doc Ford novel, #23.)

BOD-3312 Book on Disc

Backman, Fredrik

My grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry

BOD-3313 Book on Disc

Dray, Stephanie.

America's first daughter a novel

BOD-3314 Book on Disc

Geye, Peter.


BOD-3315 Book on Disc

Geni, Abby.

The lightkeepers

BOD-3316 Book on Disc

Wood, Monica.

The one-in-a-million boy

BOD-3317 Book on Disc

Lustbader, Eric.

Robert Ludlum's the Bourne enigma

BOD-3318 YA Book on Disc

Cass, Kiera.


BOD-3319 YA SF Book on Disc

Maas, Sarah J.

Queen of shadows. (Throne of glass series, vol. 4.)

BOD-5791 Book on Disc

Feehan, Christine.

Fire bound. (Sea Haven novel, #5.)

BOD-5791 Book on Disc

Weir, Alison

Katherine of Aragon, the true queen. (Six Tudor queens, #1.)

BOD-5792 SF Book on Disc

Sullivan, Michael J.

Age of myth. (Legends of the First Empire, book 1.)

BOD-5793 Book on Disc

Taylor, Brad

Ghosts of war. (Pike Logan thriller, #10.)

BOD-5794 Book on Disc

White, Karen

Flight patterns

BOD-5796 Book on Disc


Wars of the roses bloodline

BOD-5797 Book on Disc

Mason, J. D.

The real Mrs. Price

BOD-5798 Book on Disc

Carr, Robyn.

Swept away

BOD-5799 Book on Disc

McCall Smith, Alexander

Chance developments stories

BOD-5800 Book on Disc

Lindsey, Johanna.

Make me love you

BOD-5801 Book on Disc

Johansen, Iris.

Night and day

OverDrive Digital Audio Book

Santamaria, Abigail.

Joy: poet, seeker, and the woman who captivated C. S. Lewis

SMP-928 YA SF Sound Media Player

Meyer, Marissa.

Stars above. (The Lunar chronicles.)

SMP-929 Sound Media Player

Sittenfeld, Curtis.


SMP-930 Juv Sound Media Player

DiCamillo, Kate.

Raymie nightingale

SMP-931 Sound Media Player

Strout, Elizabeth.

My name is Lucy Barton


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