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OverDrive Downloadable eBooks, Audiobooks & Magazines

About OverDrive

  • You need a valid library card from the Duluth Public Library or the Arrowhead Library System.

  • In order to download OverDrive Kindle books, you must also have a (free) Amazon account. Kindle books do not need Adobe Digital Editions

  • To download eBooks (other than for Kindle), you will need Adobe Digital Editions software. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions

  • Activate Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions can be activated anonymously or by using an Adobe ID. Anonymous activation allows you to download and read DRM-protected eBooks on a single computer only. Activating using an Adobe ID allows you to download and read DRM-protected eBooks on multiple computers and transfer them to supported eBook devices. More information about Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Select and check out title(s) you want. You may choose a 1 or 2 week loan period. Once you have checked out a title, a download page is displayed. Click the 'Download' link to start the download. Once the download is complete, open and enjoy the title. At the end of the loan period, titles will expire and be automatically "returned" to the library. You can delete the expired file(s) from your computer.

  • List of compatible eBook devices.

  • Limit: a total of 10 OverDrive audiobook and/or eBook titles plus 8 magazines at a time

  • At the end of the loan period, the title will expire and be automatically "returned" to the Library. Titles may, however, be returned before the loan period is up through Adobe Digital Editions (for ePub books) or through your Amazon account (for Kindle books).

  • Downloadable books will not appear on your Personal Account Information list of materials checked out.

  • The magazine collection features more than 100 popular titles, in Nook periodical format.

  • To check out a magazine, in addition to your valid library card you need a Nook account and the free Nook app or a Nook tablet. Download the Nook app.

  • You can access magazine issues as long as they still are in your NOOK account. So if you do not remove the magazine from your NOOK account, you technically can access the title forever.

  • There are no current back issues, however if you were to download this month’s issue, the following month you could access both the previous issue you had already borrowed, in addition to the new issue.


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If your question is not answered on the OverDrive Help pages, 
contact OverDrive Support

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