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Parks and Recreation Commission


To preserve a naturally beautiful city, our vision is to provide innovative and quality Parks and Recreation programs and facilities that will sustain a dynamic quality of life for everyone.


Our mission is to act in an advisory capacity to the Mayor, City Council, Parks and Recreation Division and other agencies and organizations in matters related to Duluth City Park & Recreation programs and facilities.


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June 12th at 5:00pm at City Hall in the Council Chamber



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  • The Parks and Recreation Commission consists of 11 voting members, who shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to the approval of the council, and three nonvoting members. The voting membership shall consist of one resident of each of the five council districts, two at-large members, one member with formal education in recreation who is employed in that field, one member who is a member of or recommended by the Commission on Disabilities, one member who works with recreation programs and facilities as a staff member in the Community Schools program, and one member with formal education in land management who is employed in that field.
  • Each voting member shall be a resident of the City of Duluth, except the recreation professional, land management professional, and the community schools representative who may either be residents of the City or work in the City. All appointments of voting members shall be for terms of three years, except such appointments as may be made for the remainder of an unexpired term or to provide for staggered terms.
  • The nonvoting membership consists of one Duluth City Council member, one Duluth School Board member, and one St. Louis County Commissioner. Such nonvoting members shall be recommended for appointment by their respective governmental bodies and shall serve for indefinite terms.
  • Vacancies caused by resignation or otherwise shall be filled by the Mayor for the unexpired terms, subject to approval of the City Council, in the same manner as for initial appointments. Members shall be eligible for reappointment. The term of any member of the Commission shall be deemed vacant upon failure to attend two consecutive meetings or three meetings in a year unless advance notice is given to the president of the Commission and such nonattendance resulted from justifiable cause.
  • Vacancies shall be filled by the Mayor within 30 days after the occurrence of such vacancies. Every appointee, before entering upon the duties of his or her office, shall make and file with the City Clerk an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Minnesota, and to perform faithfully, honestly, and impartially the duties of his or her office as required by Section 28 of the City Charter. Any appointee who shall fail or neglect to make or file such oath or affirmation within ten days after notification of appointment shall be deemed to have refused to accept such appointment.
  • The Parks and Recreation Commission shall meet annually to elect a president, a vice president, and a secretary, who may be a member of such Commission. The City shall provide one Parks and Recreation staff member and one Public Works staff member to assist the Commission in carrying out its responsibilities.
  • All minutes and records of the Commission shall be public records, and copies thereof shall be filed in the office of the City clerk, and shall be open to inspection during the established business hours of the City.
  • The Commission shall hold one regular meeting each month, and shall set the dates of such meetings at the beginning of each year. Special meetings may be called by the president of the Commission and shall be called upon the written request of at least eight voting members of the Commission. All meetings of the Commission shall be public.
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