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Library Board Meeting Minutes: September 24, 2013

Call to Order:  President Bogue called the meeting of the Duluth Public Library Board to order at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 24, 2013. On a motion by Katz, seconded by Oswald, the agenda was approved.


Members Present:  Sister Edith Bogue, Jane Brissett, Dan D’Allaird, Virginia Katz, Printha Markert, Megan Oswald
Also Present:  Dawn King, Carla Powers
Absent: Frank Jewell, Andrew Slade, Peter Spooner


Introductions: Board members and Dawn King introduced themselves, and King gave some background on her work funded by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation grant.


Minutes:  On a motion by Brissett, seconded by Katz, the library board minutes of the regular meeting of August 27 were approved as drafted. 

Update on Blue Cross Grant Activities:  King went over some of her activities over the past few weeks. Her training was not released until last week and she began working on it yesterday. There was a question about where the one-on-one interviews will take place. King described the area on the second floor where these meetings will take place. In the short term she will be stationed at a standing desk at the foot of the stairs in order to field questions and start making appointments with people who want to start the enrollment process. She will begin staffing this desk next week and can begin taking paper applications right away. Her position is 32 hours per week; she will try to be available during a wide variety of hours once enrollment begins. Her hours will also include some time at the West Duluth Branch. The October 1 media event has been placed on hold, until MNsure is ready to begin accepting enrollments. The “Get Your Child Insured” event scheduled for October 24 will go on as planned. There was a suggestion to promote library card signups during these events.



Friends of the Library – Powers
The board expressed thanks to the Friends for the donation of $26,000 in book sale proceeds. 

Duluth Library Foundation – D’Allaird
Bogue asked about the date for Libations at the Library. It will take place December 3. D’Allaird highlighted that the foundation continues to look for another board member. This Friday will be the last Food Truck Friday for the season. Brissett asked about Patra’s increasing focus on securing grant money. Katz explained that this is an expansion of her role, but her main focus remains building the endowment.


Library Manager’s Report – Powers
Discussion about recent incident of illegal download on wireless network. Powers gave an update from the city attorney’s office, which is recommending that the library’s WiFi service be filtered in order to prevent this type of activity in the future. Discussion of burglary; door is being fixed. News release about Voice of the People award went out earlier today.


Old Business:

Meeting with DNT Editorial Board. Bogue reported that she, Councilor Larson and Powers met with the editorial board on Wednesday. There was discussion about the editorial that ran earlier this week, which recommends that the citizen committee look into the possibility of opening high school libraries to the public. Bogue said the facts were laid out well in the editorial. The board was being proactive in making good decisions and asking for citizen input. Looked collaborative as a board. Group did not ask for another editorial to run. Chuck Frederick asked about a partnership with school libraries in the meeting; Bogue feels that might have been the “news hook” to make the editorial seem fresh. Should look at options for partnering with schools and either move it forward if it shows promise or take it out of the conversation if it doesn’t.   

Main Library Needs Assessment  Mayor Ness initially had questions about the board’s recommended list of citizens, but after Larson and Powers clarified the process he said he thinks the list is fine. Katz has called Greg Fox and he said is interested in serving. Bogue suggested a meeting with Fox, Larson, herself and someone else from the board. Powers will ask Larson to call Fox, and she will email board with list of names. Brissett will be liaison. 

New Business:

Seed Lending Library. Powers reported that there have been several meetings with community partners, and a news conference will be scheduled in October. The goal is to have the seed library up and running in late winter/early spring.

Social Media Policy.  The draft policy was reviewed, and board members shared suggestions for improving it.  Powers will incorporate the suggestions and have an updated draft ready for the next meeting.


Communications/Correspondence:  None.


Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 22, 2013.

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