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Library Board Meeting Minutes - October 27, 2015

Call to Order: President Rosendahl called the meeting of the Duluth Library Board to order at 4:31 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2015. On a motion by Ramsland, seconded by Bogue, the agenda was approved. 

Members Present: Matt Rosendahl, Dan D’Allaird, Virginia Katz, Megan Oswald, Sister Edith Bogue, Betty Ramsland 

Also Present: Carla Powers, Joel Sipress 

Absent: Sandy Scheiber, Frank Jewell 

Minutes: On a motion by Katz, seconded by D’Allaird, the library board minutes of the regular meeting of September 22, 2015, were approved as drafted. 


Duluth Library Foundation 
Written report was reviewed. Libations will continue, scheduled for the third Saturday in September. 

Friends of the Library 
Book sale at Barnes & Noble will continue in spite of a change in the rules regarding giving out vouches onsite. There is discussion of continuing the author’s series but no author or date has been selected yet. 

Manager’s Report 
Written report was reviewed. Carla met with Swim Creative this morning to finalize cost and procedure. A branding session will happen next with as many as 15 participants. The final brand document will contain a new logo and graphics meant to encapsulate the vision of the library. After branding comes visual identity for consistent publications. Market research is also included that may help inform strategic planning. Swim Creative suggested using an online survey to get better results. Jenna and Patrice have been the contacts for this project. Staff development day on Friday, Oct. 23 went well. The speaker from Rochester was well done and it was reassuring to hear from a library with similar challenges as ours. The afternoon was spent reviewing the progress made on the staffing study and brainstorming where to go next. The budget presentation to the council was last night. Several board members were there to support the library. The library’s presentation was at the end, and as a result time was short. Sipress brought up the staffing reduction issue and how to reinstate a .5 FTE and Rosendahl referenced that in his public comment. City administration thought supported self service in the library would lessen the impact of the loss of a staff person, but having that person regardless of self service status would benefit the library and outreach in the community. This position was in the Circulation area, but it would be used differently now. The staffing study showed that the ratio of librarians to library technicians is higher at DPL than at comparable libraries. The computer lab and the Mt. Royal expansion would be the immediate needs. Jim Filby Williams will be invited to the November meeting to discuss possible funding sources for the library’s FTE and maintaining the library’s effectiveness for the Duluth community. 

Minnesota’s Library Association Conference 
Written report was reviewed. Thanks to Katz and Powers for attending. The conference will be in Duluth next September at the DECC.

Old Business: 

Internet policy 
Attorney’s office wanted a more specific policy, not a general “do and do not.” Children bringing their own devices are considered to be under the supervision of their parents – a child on an iPad is the responsibility of that child’s parent/guardian. D’Allaird asked if all parts needed law/statue references, and suggested removing the last bullet point. The policy will be brought back to the November meeting. 

Facility planning update 
A meeting has been scheduled for next week with TKDA to begin exploring a mid-priced renovation of the building, in the range of 15-20 million. This study is being funded by money already allocated for the TKDA contract. The report will be a public document. 

Recruiting new board member 
There was discussion of a replacement for Jane Brissett. Powers will follow up with Mayor Ness. 

New Business:



Meeting adjourned at 5:55 p.m. 

Note: it was decided to have board members view the first two episodes of “Short Takes for Trustees” on their own and come to the November meeting with questions or “ahas.”

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