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Library Board Meeting Minutes: October 22, 2013

Call to Order: President Bogue called the meeting of the Duluth Public Library Board to order at 4:35 p.m. on Tuesday, October 22, 2013. On a motion by D’Allaird, seconded by Katz, the agenda was approved.


Members Present: Sister Edith Bogue, Jane Brissett, Dan D’Allaird, Virginia Katz, Printha Markert, Andrew Slade, Peter Spooner
Also Present:  UMD student Eric Bradley, Facilities Manager Erik Birkeland, Carla Powers, City Councilor Emily Larson (arrived at 5:00)
Absent:  Frank Jewell, Megan Oswald


Introductions: Eric Bradley and Erik Birkeland were introduced.


Minutes:  On a motion by Brissett, seconded by Katz, the library board minutes of the regular meeting of September 24 were approved as drafted. 


Friends of the Library – Powers
Discussion of written report.

Duluth Library Foundation – D’Allaird
Discussion of advertising on Minnesota Public Radio. There were mistakes in the spots that ran, and additional announcements are being done free of charge. D’Allaird encouraged board members to mark their calendars for Libations at the Library on December 3. He reported that Maurice’s owner George Goldfarb has been invited to become a “community partner” with the foundation but has not yet responded.


Arrowhead Library System Board Report/Zinio Use – Brissett
Brissett shared a booklet of MLA conference sessions. She attended the conference on October 10 and 11. One of the breakout sessions she attended, titled “Telling Our Stories to Make a Difference in Libraries,” was put on by the Friends of the St. Paul Library. This group has an advocacy committee consisting of at least one person from each council district. The group meets with the library director every year, comes up with a position paper about library needs, and lobbies for the library’s budget request. The group follows up by talking to city councilors after the mayor releases the upcoming year’s budget, focusing on personal stories about what library means to them. The committee contacts newspapers, has a presence at the budget hearing, and encourages people tell their individual stories as time permits. Brissett said this session was a highlight, but the entire conference was excellent. She shared the August numbers for Zinio use. Bogue reported that when she signed up for Zinio she got a lot of spam and ended up discontinuing her subscription as a result. Brissett said she was able to unsubscribe from unwanted Zinio emails.


Library Manager’s Report – Powers
Bogue reported on the seed library news conference, which she attended. There was discussion of the budget presentation scheduled for Monday. Katz volunteered to make an appearance at the council meeting. Powers gave a brief recap of an MLA breakout session on future trends in libraries presented by Minitex Director Valerie Horton.


Old Business:   

Main Library Needs Assessment. Larson reported that she is still trying to make contact with the person identified as a potential chair of the committee. He has indicated his willingness to serve on the committee but has not yet been approached about chairing it. Bogue said she will be gone for a time but could meet in the next couple of days if he is available. Larson arrived at the meeting after Erik Birkeland had already left but said she will give him a call to introduce herself. 


Social Media Policy. There was some discussion about procedures that should be developed to deal with potential problems including hacking, fake accounts, and posts by people who appear to be suicidal. Slade suggested cleaning up the format by removing colons in the subheadings. Motion by Katz, seconded by Brissett, to adopt policy with this revision.


New Business:

Carpet for West Duluth Branch. Powers provided an update on carpet replacement and will schedule a board meeting there after carpet is installed.



Bogue is finding many online articles about libraries and wants to figure out the best way to share them with the rest of the board. Brissett offered to forward the ALS “Weekly Weeder” or share the ALS website if board members are interested. 


Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned 5:45 p.m. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

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