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Library Board Meeting Minutes: November 25, 2014

Call to Order: President Brissett called the meeting of the Duluth Library Board to order at 4:30 pm on Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014. On a motion by Rosendahl, seconded by Katz, the agenda was approved. Discussion of the open meeting law was moved to the beginning of the meeting to accommodate guest Gunnar Johnson.

Members Present: Sandy Scheiber, Jane Brissett, Sister Edith Bogue, Virginia Katz, Dan D’Allaird, Megan Oswald, Matt Rosendahl, Frank Jewell

Also Present: Carla Powers, City Attorney Gunnar Johnson

Absent: Peter Spooner


New Business:

Open Meeting Law Questions
Gunnar Johnson, the city attorney, reviewed questions the board had about open meeting laws given the citizen’s comments at the October meeting. As an advisory board who deals with the public, it is important that the library board makes its meetings accessible to the public. 

  • Agendas do not have to be posted by law, but it is considerate to do so.
  • Meetings should run while the library is open to provide public access to the entire meeting.
  • Public comments are not required by law, but are a part of the board’s bylaws. Johnson recommended that they be more specifically defined.
  • The Citizen Steering Committee meetings for the purpose of studying facility issues should be viewed as open.
  • Current bylaws appear to be very simple and straightforward.
  • Emails between board members are considered public information/data.
  • If a meeting needs to be closed, it is a balancing act between need for public access and need for privacy.

If there is a concern or a question, Powers will contact the attorney’s office to get clarification.

Jewell moved that public comments must be limited to 5 minutes and to a specific item on the agenda. General comments will be at the front of the agenda and held to the same time limit. Motion was seconded and passed.  


Minutes: October minutes will be revised to reflect attendee Bryan Olson’s comments and approved at the January meeting.



Friends of Duluth Public Library
Written report was reviewed. Let Carla know if you are able to volunteer at the book fair at Barnes and Noble.

Duluth Library Foundation
Written report was reviewed. Libations goal was 200, but only 40 to 50 tickets sold. With comp tickets given out, the guests totaled 100.  

Manager’s Report
Written report was reviewed. Carla added a report from the Seed Library regarding compliance with the law. A strategy meeting was held to decide how to proceed. Organizations working to change the seed law will be asking the council to pass a resolution in support of the seed library and gathering support to change the law. Carla will share dates of key 125th anniversary festivities for the board to come support them.


Old Business:

Main Library facility plan update
Latest meeting reviewed space studies, took a step back to look at the big picture again. The group looked at the four options again and want to steer away from option 1 (minor renovation). Public meeting is in the Green Room on Dec. 4 from 6 to 8 p.m. Public will be able to comment on the four options, and can indicate which option would be preferred.

Liaison to Friends’ board
The Friends are still seeking a link between the Friends and the board. Might be beneficial to see if a Friends member wants to join the Board in March when the next position opens up.

2015 budget update
No update available. The council will vote on the 2015 budget at the Dec 15 meeting. Board support at the meeting is very appreciated.



News clipping folder was passed around. Brissett passed articles from the DNT articles and the Atlantic Online, among others.


 Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 5:54 pm. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 27, 2015.


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