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Library Board Meeting Minutes - May 26, 2015

Call to Order: President Brissett called the meeting of the Duluth Library Board to order at 4:30 pm on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. On a motion by D’Allaird, seconded by Katz, the agenda was approved. D’Allaird requested to revisit the motion to change the order, seconded by Scheiber. 

Members Present: Jane Brissett, Megan Oswald, Sandy Scheiber, Virginia Katz, Dan D’Allaird, Frank Jewell 

Also Present: Carla Powers, Reporter John Ramos, City Councilor Joel Sipress, IT Managers Elysia Hoium and Karla Culhane 

Absent: Sister Edith Bogue, Betty Ramsland, Matt Rosendahl 

Minutes: On a motion by D’Allaird, seconded by Katz, the library board minutes of the regular meeting of April 28, 2015, were approved. 


Friends of Duluth Public Library 
Written report was reviewed. Book sale is gearing up and members can shop early.

Duluth Library Foundation 
Written report was reviewed. 

Manager’s Report 
Written report was reviewed. Seed library is now legal (the first state to change the law for libraries). Summer reading is kicking off along with fine forgiveness. 

Old Business: 

Main Library Facility Plan Update 
TKDA study is continuing. There will likely be a press conference scheduled for Thursday to discuss future plans and a more robust public process explained by Mayor Ness. 

Internet filtering policy
Elysia Hoium and Karla Culhane spoke to the board regarding the city’s internet filtering. The city decided to go with a filtering to be eligible for e-rate funding. In order to be eligible for e-rate, the FCC requires a filter that complies with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. The filter is currently configured to block malware, illegal file sharing, and adult content. The filter works by category (medical, adult, etc.) which means that it should still allow access to research sites. The concern about limiting adults’ freedom to search was addressed. Elysia believes the filter helps everyone comply with the policy as it is stated by the library already. Tying filtering to a library card, which would allow adults to choose filtered or unfiltered access without staff intervention, may be technologically possible but would leave a record of internet search history by patron. This may be a Patriot Act issue. On a motion by Jewell, seconded by Oswald, an interim internet filtering policy was approved. This policy, which will be in place for six months, will require that library patrons talk to a staff member if they want the filter turned off. Data will be collected on patron reaction/requests to the policy. Motion passed unanimously. 

Branch Meeting Dates
Previous meetings at the West Duluth Branch have been held in the senior center, but that room is booked by another group on the fourth Tuesday of the month. There is seating in a lobby area that could be used if necessary. Carla will check on the availability of the dining area email the board. 

New Business: 

Library recognition awards
Representatives from the Foundation, Library Board, and Friends met to talk about recognition awards for volunteers. Discussion focused on who and how to recognize people. A second meeting is planned for June. The idea for the awards came from the Foundation, but they are meant to be a joint project by all three organizations. At the initial meeting there was discussion of forming a committee with representatives from all three boards to review nominations. Winners would be recognized at a new event planned for this purpose. A name and date of the event is under debate. The awards would be open to individuals and organizations. Discussion ensued about the specific number of awardees and how to fund the project. 

Election of New President
Katz nominated Matt Rosendahl to be President. In previous discussions, Matt agreed to accept the position. Motion by D’Allaird, seconded by Katz, to elect Rosendahl to complete the remainder of Brissett’s term. Motion passed unanimously. Brissett will finish her term at the end of the June meeting. 


New clippings folder was passed around. 

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 5:43 pm.

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