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Library Board Meeting Minutes: March 24, 2015

Call to Order: President Brissett called the meeting of the Duluth Library Board to order at 4:31 p.m. on Tuesday,March 24, 2015. On a motion by Katz, seconded by D’Allaird, the agenda was approved as amended. 

Members Present: Jane Brissett, Sandy Scheiber, Virginia Katz, Dan D’Allaird, Matt Rosendahl, Megan Oswald, Sister Edith Bogue 

Also Present: Carla Powers, Jocelyn Baker 

Absent: Frank Jewell, Peter Spooner 

Minutes: On a motion by Rosendahl, seconded by Bogue, the library board minutes of the regular meeting of February 24, 2015, were approved. 


Friends of Duluth Public Library
No report this month. 

Duluth Library Foundation
Internally there has been much work, including increasing the board to 15 members, creating a budget, hiring a consultant, etc. The board planned the library 125th anniversary kick-off and the board’s 25th anniversary celebration at the Depot. Many speakers spoke in support of the library and how it has impacted their lives. Donations are coming in, including a $5,000 grant from Member’s Cooperative Credit Union. There will be an insert in May in the Duluth News Tribune focusing on the history of the library. Learning & Libations at the Library will take place on September 19 to (hopefully) avoid conflicts. Tickets will be $65 this year, down from $75 last year. 

Legislative Summary
Library Legislative Day was March 2 and 3. Typically participants talk about libraries in general, but Brissett was able to focus on Duluth’s potential new library. Rep. Mary Murphy spoke to loving the building and it being too new to replace (likened it to the Metrodome). Rep. Erik Simonson said it was a wonderful idea to build a new library. Sen. Tom Bakk didn’t know much about the issue but said it would be a tough sell to get state money for a new building. 

Manager’s Report
Written report was reviewed. 

Old Business: 

Main Library facility plan update
Contract with TKDA passed the council, and the next steps will be finalized at an upcoming meeting with the consultants, Carla, and other city staff. 

Potential expansion of Mt Royal Branch
Expansion passed the council at Monday’s meeting. The wall between the old Yarn Harbor and current library will be torn down, and a new lease will be signed for 10 years. 

New Business: 

Grant Application for Marketing Project
Swim Creative has offered a $10,000 matching grant for market research and strengthening the brand that is the library. There is also an additional grant available through the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation. If received, grant monies would be used for a more active marketing campaign that would be based on market research and promote/advertise the library at other venues than just the city buildings. Bogue moved to support applying for the grant, and Katz seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Brissett will write a letter of support indicating the unanimous support of the Board. 

Review/approval of annual report
Brissett noted that several of the entries are blank, but it is a printing error, not an oversight. Rosendahl moved to approve the 2014 annual report, seconded by D’Allaird. Motion passed unanimously. 

Internet filtering policy
The city plans to implement internet filtering city-wide, which will change the way the library manages internet access. Library staff presented the Multnomah County Library Policy as an example of a policy that maintains a high level of open access for adults while still complying with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Powers provided a briefing board background and feedback. The board requested more information about what would be filtered, and how it would be filtered. The board would also like to see if there are incident reports and/or data from staff that could inform us. This is an important issue for the library. 

Election of officers
Katz nominated Brissett for another term as President and Oswald as Vice-President, seconded by Bogue. Motion passed unanimously. 


News clippings folder was passed around. 

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 5:52 p.m.

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