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Library Board Meeting Minutes: March 26, 2013

Call to Order: President Bogue called the meeting of the Duluth Public Library Board to order at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, at the Mt. Royal Branch Library. On a motion by D'Allaird, seconded by Katz, the agenda was approved.

Members Present: Sister Edith Bogue, Jane Brissett, Dan D'Allaird, Virginia Katz, Printha Markert, Peter Spooner

Also Present: Roshanda Smiley, Carla Powers

Excused: Frank Jewell, Liz Benson Johnson, Andrew Slade

Approval of Minutes
On a motion by Brissett, seconded by D'Allaird, the library board minutes of the regular meeting of February 26 were approved as drafted.



Friends of the Duluth Public Library - Powers
After reviewing the written report, there was a suggestion that the redesign of the Friends' website could be offered as a project to a college class of graphic design students. There was a question about whether the Friends' disbursement to the library is done according to a formula, as the foundation disbursement is. It is not. Two or three times a year the Friends usually turn over any money in their checking account that they do not expect to need to support upcoming projects.

Duluth Library Foundation - D'Allaird
A written report was reviewed. It was noted that D'Allaird has been elected president of the foundation board. Katz has been elected vice president, and Mark Melhus will serve another term as treasurer.

One Book, One Community - Brissett
Brissett offered an update to her written report. Events related to One Book are beginning to take place. The lecture by Richard Hudelson was not well attended in Duluth, perhaps due to poor weather that evening. It drew larger crowds in Cloquet and Virginia. The antique glass appraisal program was not well attended either; however, 11 people attended a glass blowing demonstration at Lake Superior Art Glass on March 25, and the bus tour of stained glass windows in Duluth has sold out.

Library Manager's Report - Powers 
There was discussion of funding equity issues and the importance of raising public awareness that these issues exist. There was discussion about the restrooms on the Michigan Street level of the Main Library, which are now kept locked due to several instances of illegal behavior.

Old Business:

Update on potential building project. No news at this time.

New library board member. Megan Oswald has been nominated to fill the seat being vacated by Liz Benson Johnson. If the city council approves her appointment she will begin her term in April.

New Business:

Approve annual report. There was discussion about the library's 2012 annual report, which Powers had completed and distributed to board members in advance of the meeting. Bogue asked about the section on philanthropic revenue, which refers to grants that are written by another organization on the library's behalf. Powers will look into whether there should be an entry in that section and update the board via email. On a motion by D'Allaird, seconded by Katz, the annual report was approved conditional on getting this question answered.

Election of officers. On a motion by Katz, seconded by D'Allaird, Bogue was elected to a second term as president and Brissett was elected to a second term as vice president.

The meeting adjourned at  5:30 p.m. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 23.

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