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Library Board Meeting Minutes: February 24, 2015

Call to Order: President Brissett called the meeting of the Duluth Library Board to order at 4:34 pm on Tuesday, February 24, 2015. On a motion by Rosendahl, seconded by Oswald, the agenda was approved. 

Members Present: Jane Brissett, Sandy Scheiber, Sister Edith Bogue, Megan Oswald, Matt Rosendahl, Frank Jewell 

Also Present: Carla Powers, City Councilor Joel Sipress 

Absent: Dan D’Allaird, Virginia Katz, Peter Spooner 

Minutes: On a motion by Rosendahl, seconded by Scheiber, the minutes of the regular meeting of January 27, 2015, were approved as drafted. 


Friends of Duluth Public Library
Written report was reviewed. 

Duluth Library Foundation
Written report was reviewed. 

Arrowhead Library System
Written report was reviewed. 

Legislative Summary
The briefing will be happening the evening of March 2. Legislative appointments will be March 3. 

Manager’s Report
Written report was reviewed. 

One Book, One Community
Reviewed the publication and the various community events. Kudos to the committee for another great lineup of events. Each year the programs are different. 

Old Business: 

Main Library Facility Update Plan
Citizen steering committee recommendation presented to the City Council was sent to the board by Powers. It seemed to be well received by the councilors as far as exploring the options, but some councilors expressed a sense of “sticker shock.” Powers said likely next steps will include a study by a local architect and another proposal to the council. The possibility of another site will also be explored at this time. Sipress noted that a middle ground between option C and D (cost vs size) might be a good compromise for the city. The idea of branch enhancement might be a good thing for a citizen study first before hiring professionals. Financing will probably come from a bonding referendum this fall. Bogue commented that the residents in neighboring communities benefit from the DPL, but wouldn’t have a chance to vote on the referendum. There was a suggestion that nonresident use of the library would help make a case for state bonding, although this source of funding for public library projects is rare. It has occurred several times in the past, in amounts of less than $1 million. Sipress noted that the focus of the discussion needs to switch from aesthetics to functionality and efficiency of the building. There was discussion of recent letters to the editor that question the need for a public library in the computer age. 

Potential Expansion of the Mt. Royal Branch
The city is in the process of renegotiating a renewed lease to include the space being vacated by Yarn Harbor. The owner of the building is willing to remove the wall between the library and Yarn Harbor. Build-out of the space would be minimal for the time being. More substantial improvements could be included as part of the referendum. 

Laptop Lending Policy
Latest draft was reviewed. Bogue noted that a comma is needed after the phrase "18 and older." Laptop policy was unanimously approved with this change. 

New Business: 

Upcoming Board Vacancy
Peter Spooner has decided not to seek another term on the board. Betty Ramsland from the Friends of the Library is interested in the vacant position. 

Role of Board in Potential Building Project
The City Council could decide on next steps as early as March 9. Jewell received an email from a businessman with some questions. Bogue offered to produce a graphic with information. There will have to be a committee separate from the board to run any campaign associated with a referendum. Consensus was the board needs to see how the city administration decides to pursue a second opinion on design and cost before determining what role the board may have in the project. 


Clippings; One Book, One Community brochure; and The Reader were passed around. 

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

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