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Library Board Meeting Minutes: February 25, 2014

Call to Order: President Bogue called the meeting of the Duluth Public Library Board to order at 4:32 p.m. on Tuesday, February 25, 2014. On a motion by D’Allaird, seconded by Katz, the agenda was approved.

Members Present: Sister Edith Bogue, Jane Brissett, Dan D’Allaird, Frank Jewell, Virginia Katz, Printha Markert, Megan Oswald
Also Present: City Councilor Emily Larson, Public Administration Department Director Jim Filby Williams, Carla Powers
Absent: Andrew Slade, Peter Spooner

Introductions were made.


Main Library needs assessment. This item was moved to the beginning of the agenda to accommodate Williams and Larson. Powers gave a brief report on a recent meeting that included Brissett, Williams, Facilities Manager Erik Birkeland and herself. The only difference in the process as originally outlined by Birkeland is that the facilitator will also be engaged to work on process design if possible. There was consensus that the board approves the process as laid out and will lend its support as needed. 

Minutes: D’Allaird suggested that Patra Sevastiades be identified in the minutes as the coordinator for One Book, One Community. On a motion by D’Allaird, seconded by Katz, the library board minutes of the regular meeting of January 28 were approved with this change.



Friends of the Library – Markert
Markert shared the Friends’ new branding effort, including a new brochure and membership categories. She reported that two carloads of books were donated recently and are being processed for the book sale. Powers mentioned the upcoming event featuring author Brian Freeman on April 1. Bogue noted that the new brochure makes it clear that while the Friends are best-known for the annual book sale, they are involved in many other activities as well. 

Duluth Library Foundation – D’Allaird
The written report was reviewed. The endowment investment experienced a double-digit increase in 2013. The foundation board is looking for two new members, and Bogue suggested that the list of people generated for the needs assessment may be a good source of names. There was discussion of Libations at the Library, which will move to a new format this year. Board members offered feedback about the price of tickets for the event. 

Lake Superior Libraries Symposium – Richmond Kinney
Staff member Richmond Kinney, who has been involved in planning the Lake Superior Libraries Symposium, gave some background about the event. The third annual conference is being planned, and the committee would like to know if there is interest on the part of board members or Friends members in attending the conference. It will take place the first Friday in June at UMD. Topics of interest include how to make the case for public support and advocacy for the library; what is the potential of libraries in conjunction with partnerships; funding and governance of public libraries; and how we can ascertain unmet needs of people who come to the library.

Free online course for library advocates – Bogue
Bogue shared information about the online course she is taking about library advocacy. It is run by library school professors, with four short lectures and a few TED talks each week. There are discussion forums on different topics each week, with participation from people all over the world. This is still the first week of the course, and Bogue encouraged other board members to sign up if they are interested. Brissett mentioned that Library Legislative Day will take place on Wednesday, March 5 and encouraged board participation.

Old Business:   

Joint Friends/foundation/board meeting. D’Allaird talked with Linda Hanson of the Friends, who said she will bring it up at the next meeting. She is willing to review dates if the other organizations have ideas. 

New Business:

Collection development policy and process for challenging material. The board had several suggestions for improving the form. There was a suggestion to leave “resource on which you are commenting” open-ended to save space, and remove “What brought this resource to your attention?” as well as “I am representing …” Another suggestion was to put the most important points from the collection development policy on the back of the Statement of Concern and include a sentence noting that the full policy is available upon request, rather than including the entire policy in the packet. 



There was discussion of the manager’s report, including the elevator being out of service. Bogue mentioned the seed library grand opening, which has gotten good press coverage.

Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 5:48 p.m. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at the Mt. Royal Branch Library. Bogue requested that Powers ask the Mt. Royal staff if there is anything in particular they would like to share with the board.

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