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Library Board Meeting Minutes: February 26, 2013

Call to Order: President Bogue called the meeting of the Duluth Public Library Board to order at 4:40 p.m. on Tuesday, February 26, 2013. On a motion by Slade, seconded by Jewell, the agenda was approved.
Members Present: Sister Edith Bogue, Jane Brissett, Dan D'Allaird, Frank Jewell, Printha Markert, Andrew Slade, Peter Spooner
Also Present: Carla Powers
Excused: Liz Benson Johnson, Virginia Katz

Minutes: On a motion by Jewell, seconded by Spooner, the library board minutes of the regular meeting of January 22 were approved as drafted.


Friends of the Duluth Public Library - Markert
The Friends intend to support Katz's nomination for the Woman of the Year Award. Motion by Slade, seconded by Brissett, to write a letter of support from the Library Board. D'Allaird will gather information for the letter.

Duluth Library Foundation - D'Allaird
The endowment fund is nearing $1 million. Powers shared that D'Allaird will be nominated as president of the foundation board at the next meeting.

Arrowhead Library System - Brissett
Brissett recently attended her first meeting of the reconfigured ALS board. Now that the merger with the multitype system is complete, the board is smaller and has different representatives. The board approved a five-year strategic plan with five goals. Brissett will see if the plan is available electronically; if so, she will share the information with members of this group. Last year there were more than 100,000 e-book checkouts systemwide. As a result, ALS has increased the e-book budget from $78,000 for 2012 to $90,000 for 2013. There has been a problem with timely reimbursement for Legacy programs this year, and regional system directors are working with the Department of Education to improve the process. The ALS board approved a $3 million budget for 2013. State and county funding are expected to remain stable this year. The budget included $20,000 for a Lean Library Management study of the ALS delivery system. The study will include site visits to two libraries. $82,000 in unallocated dollars from multitype funds will be split between a technology position and funding more deliveries to schools that are on the Horizon system.

One Book, One Community - Brissett
Brissett shared copies of the resource guide, which arrived from the printer the day before.  Author Susan Vreeland is lined up to speak in Duluth, Virginia and Cloquet.  An article in Duluth Superior Magazine may be forthcoming, and Powers is scheduled to do some television appearances in the coming weeks to promote the project and related events.

Library Manager's Report - Powers
There was discussion of funding equity issues and the importance of raising public awareness that these issues exist. There was discussion about the restrooms on the Michigan Street level of the Main Library, which are now kept locked due to several instances of illegal behavior.<

Old Business:

Appearance at city council meeting. D'Allaird reported that there was positive feedback from his and Bogue's comments at the January 28 meeting. In addition, D'Allaird wrote a guest editorial that appeared in the Duluth News Tribune.

Talking points. A draft was reviewed, and the consensus was to keep the talking points positive in tone.

Update on potential building project. Powers is still gathering names for the task force to do a needs assessment and is exploring options for a facilitator to lead the group.
New library board member. There was a suggestion to let the city councilors who represent the western part of Duluth know about the upcoming vacancy, and to print out a notice to hang at the libraries.

New Business:

Patron behavior issues. Powers shared concerns about an increase in behavior problems at the Main Library. Recently there have been incidents of patrons smoking synthetic marijuana in various parts of the building, and theft of materials is on the increase. She has contacted the downtown community police officers and the Clean & Safe Team about doing more frequent walk-throughs. Suggestions from the board included having volunteers at the Superior Street door and roaming the building to greet people and alert staff to any misbehavior.

Election of officers next month. Current officers are eligible to serve one more term. Bogue and Brissett indicated their willingness to continue in their roles if the rest of the board would like them to do so.
Meet at Mt. Royal branch next month. Board members decided to hold the March meeting at the Mt. Royal Branch. In order to expedite the meeting, any regular reports normally provided verbally should be written down and sent to Powers, who will distribute them with the agenda ahead of time. Board members requested that Ryan Bowman, the property manager for the Mt. Royal Shopping Center, be invited to the meeting. Branch Librarian Julie Kapke will provide a short tour of the branch afterwards.


There were no questions about the manager's report.

The meeting adjourned at  5:50 p.m. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 26 at the Mt. Royal Branch Library.

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