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Library Board Meeting Minutes - April 28, 2015

Call to Order: President Brissett called the meeting of the Duluth Library Board to order at 4:31 pm on Tuesday, April 28, 2015. On a motion by D’Allaird, seconded by Katz, the agenda was approved with the addition of an item at the end regarding officers. 

Members Present: Jane Brissett, Megan Oswald, Sandy Scheiber, Betty Ramsland, Matt Rosendahl, Virginia Katz, Dan D’Allaird, Sister Edith Bogue, Frank Jewell 

Also Present: Carla Powers, Reporter John Ramos, City Councilor Joel Sipress 

Absent: None 

Minutes: Katz suggested including the date for the next Learning & Libations event, which is September 19. On a motion by D’Allaird, seconded by Katz, the library board minutes of the regular meeting of March 24, 2015, were approved as amended. 


Friends of Duluth Public Library 
Written report was reviewed. Board members were asked to take a yard sign for the book sale. Signs can be reused again next year if returned to the library. Matt guarantees the Lake Superior Libraries Symposium will be even better than last year. 

Duluth Library Foundation 
Foundation will partner with Miller Hill Mall to offer 8 weeks of literacy programming for youth and young adults. Local authors, athletes, and therapy dogs will be featured, classes will be taught on writing and illustration, and the event will wrap up with a red carpet event on June 27. Publicity plans are in place. Events begin in late May. 

Arrowhead Library System 
Written report was reviewed. 

Manager’s Report 
Written report was reviewed. After David Ouse’s retirement, the supervising structure of the library will be changing based on recommendations from the staffing report. Staff will be organized under three service areas: public computing & circulation, technical & adult services, and youth services & branches. 

Old Business: 

Main Library Facility Plan Update 
The next phase has begun. A local firm, TKDA, is assessing sites, looking over the space needed by various aspects of the library, and giving a cost estimate. MSR estimated 34 million for a new building of approximately the same size. TKDA will double check that cost. TKDA is bringing local contractors and architects for assistance and they hope to wrap up this phase in June. An internal city committee is leading the process right now, and the public will probably be invited to weigh in later. The project is likely to go to referendum in the fall. It would be a non-binding referendum which gauges public interest, not a commitment to money. End process is a council vote, although the council will consider the recommendation the administration makes. 

Internet filtering policy
IT manager for the city will be coming to the May meeting. The new filter is monitoring but not filtering at this time.

New Business: 

Branch Meeting Dates
Mount Royal meeting will happen this fall once the construction is done. West Duluth meeting will be in June, pending room availability. August will be the back-up date. 

Jane and her husband will be moving to Minneapolis. She will be here for the May and June meetings. There will have to be an election in May as Megan does not want the job. Jane’s seat will also need to be filled. 


New clippings folder was passed around. 

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm.

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